Shorten your Work Week with Acquisio’s PPC Task Checklist

Having worked at Acquisio as a software trainer for more than five years, I’ve been asked some basic questions, some thought-provoking questions, and maybe even a few bizarre ones that raised an eyebrow. All in all, I would say that the questions that I come across most often revolve around streamlining processes and making work life easier.

Adopting a checklist can save you both time and stress, and maybe even help you get a better return on your investment.

Simplify your tasks by following this checklist with the Acquisio platform. But as I always say, these are just guidelines. You should adapt them for yourself and your accounts.

Daily PPC Tasks

Look for Outliers

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you monitor the performance of your most valued metrics relative to your defined targets. Add your KPIs to the Client Center so that the first view you see every morning is your color-coded KPIs along with other significant metrics. Sort your accounts by clicking on the KPI of your choice, or focus your attention by applying a filter. For example, create a filter that looks for accounts in which the conversion KPI’s percentage to target is less than 10%.

ppc checklist

Weekly PPC Tasks

Monitor Progress

With the KPI Dashboard, you can see how your account is progressing and whether you are under or over targets. Expand the view of any KPI to see more detailed info including a graph depicting your progress along with the forecasted performance if you maintain your current rate. After reviewing your forecast, you can then adjust accordingly. For example, if you see that your forecasted spend is over your budget, then you might want to look at decreasing bids.

ppc checklist

Change Bids

As you are analyzing your account in the Workbench, you can apply filters and then bulk-edit groups of keywords.

Look at both the good and the bad. For keywords with strong performances and profitable conversion rates, you want to capitalize on them, raise their bids and see if you can milk them even more. Alternatively, you want to lower bids on keywords that deplete your budget with low or no ROI.

ppc checklist

Check Budgets

Again with the “Spend to date” KPI, you can see how spend is trending for the month. To further visualize your performance, display the graph component right in the Workbench! From there, look at your cost for the past week to see if you’ve been hitting your daily budget. Review your campaigns separately, and pass along any unspent campaign budgets to better performing campaigns, namely campaigns that are worth it and can spend the money.

ppc checklist

Pause Underperforming Keywords

A campaign is only as strong as its weakest link. While it’s important to continuously evolve your campaigns, it’s just as important to do regular cleanups. For keywords that have low CTRs, or accumulated clicks but did not convert, pause these keywords! And of course, you need to remove keywords with low quality scores to maintain the health of your account.

With our Campaign Automation module, you can create custom rules that automate this process. If you prefer to have more control and agility, apply filters in the Workbench and then bulk pause the filtered list.

TIP: Save your filters for future use! Save yourself from repeated actions whenever possible.

You may also want to consider implementing the Acquisio Tracker for attribution data. With conversion tracking, it’s obvious which keywords converted but then with attribution data, you can also identify the unsung heroes – the keywords that assisted in a conversion but did not actually convert themselves.

More to Come…

In a follow-up post, I’ll continue with tips on bi-weekly and monthly tasks. Here’s a preview:

Bi-Weekly PPC Tasks

Monthly PPC Tasks

  • Check Campaign Settings
  • Review Landing Pages
  • Review Monthly Report
  • Update KPIs


Superstar marketer and trainer extraordinaire, Jeannie Wong hails from Calgary, the Stampede City. With a technical framework in MIS and a creative background in Graphic Design, Jeannie enjoys new challenges and pushing the boundaries. She joined Acquisio in the summer of 2007 onboarding and supporting new clients. Through this work, she gained the knowledge and experience to successfully transition into her current role as a Professional Trainer. Aside from hosting live training webinars, Jeannie also writes many of the user guides and other training documents at Acquisio.

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