Search Query Tracking At Risk in Adwords?

ClickEquations readers and customers know that we consider search queries, the words users type to initiate their search, as a vital part of paid search reporting and management. Just yesterday our post pointed  out that keywords themselves aren’t really important, they’re just a way to attract search queries. In High Resolution PPC (our upcoming e-book) we talk a lot about using the match type, negative, bid, and other options to tune campaigns around search queries. darkviewIf they were gone, paid search would return to the dark ages. But apparently an in-test version of Google search results makes search query tracking impossible. Yikes. For now, we’ll assume this is a by-product of the fact that it’s a test. It seem unimaginable that Google would take away (rather than enhance) this ability. Hopefully someone at Google will re-assure us that search query reporting will remain. Until then, we’ll keep watching and report on any developments. UPDATE: Found in the comments of the post referred to above, I haven’t seen the original

Here’s a comment from Matt Cutts on the issue: “Were continually testing new interfaces and features to enhance the user experience. We are currently experimenting with a javascript enhanced result page because we believe that it may ultimately provide a faster experience for our users. At this time only a small percentage of users will see this experiment. It is not our intention to disrupt referrer tracking, and we are continuing to iterate on this project.”



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