Reflections of a PPC Newbie, Part 3

I’m coming up on the 1 year mark at Acquisio and I’m starting to realize that I’ve learned an awful lot about paid search and the PPC world.

Here’s a quick look back at what I learned in my first few months on the job:

  • Right away I was convinced that automation was the way to get ahead in the PPC. Bidding is a science not an art, and it’s best we understand that and leave the bidding to the machines and the analysis to us humans.
  • I learned that the year of mobile has gone on for 5 years, and is still going…
  • After a few experiments I learned that Facebook ads don’t always work out for us – thanks Facebook farms!
  • I’m convinced we’re moving towards a keywordless future, and we shouldn’t be frightened.
  • Lastly, I know that learning about your company’s history – even if your company is decades old – is important for defining and branding who you will be in future.

Today, while I may not be an expert on the Acquisio platform or the steps in running a campaign on AdWords, I understand how our technology works and the significance of quality score, match types and mobile optimization and I can help others learn and understand as well.

We Use Predictive Optimization

Not to toot our own horn, but I’ve learned that our bid and budget management solution uses a hyper frequency predictive optimization model that blows some of the other guys out of the water.

In the industry, predictive is regarded as the best and most accurate solution available across the market. Acquisio has always said our optimization technology is more like firing a missile that adjusts its course along the way while other predictive solutions are more like firing a canon and hoping it hits.

We manage to stay current while maximizing the potential of predictive optimization because we keep predicting throughout the day. By using data from the half hour earlier rather than the previous day, we make new more accurate predictions than other solutions can.

Quality Score, Match Types, Mobile – Oh My!

With Acquisio’s new volunteer initiative, Acquisio Cares, employees who may not have been as active or knowledgeable about AdWords get experience with the platform (sometimes I’m stuck in my blog bubble).

Thanks to a great info session with Brad Geddes, I learned a ton about quality score, keyword match type, mobile optimization and other key factors in running an effective ad campaign on AdWords.

I’m one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of ranking now that I know bid, quality score and ad extensions all contribute to ad rank and positioning.

As for match type, I’ve learned that while broad match attracts unrelated queries and exact match leaves out important searches, Broad match modifier is really where it’s at.

Mobile has been talked about to death, but now that Google has modified its algorithms to favor mobile friendly pages, this is the tipping point for anyone who doesn’t yet support mobile. Now is seriously the time…

So if a PPC newbie like me knows all this, you probably should too!

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Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

Jill is a professional writer, editor and social media procrastinator. With a degree in Literature and Communications from McGill, she started her journalism career writing about lifestyle and entertainment for teen magazines, and after dabbling with wedding and travel writing she began the transition towards content creation for start ups, marketing and tech companies.

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