Paid Search Campaign Winners & Losers

Suppose you had to quickly reduce your PPC spend. Where would you cut?

One very helpful analysis is rank your campaigns (or better yet AdGroups) by ROI. This tells you where you’re getting more return-per-dollar, and where you’re getting less.

To simplify this analysis we built a ClickEquations Analyst Report, which runs in Microsoft Excel. To use it you define three thresholds – a high ROI that you desire, a low ROI that you detest, and a medium ROI that is minimally acceptable.

With a single mouse click you can then find out what number of your campaigns and what percentage of your spend and revenue fall into each of these bands. On the next tab in the worksheet you can find out exactly which campaigns fell into each group.

In the example above, we look at how ROI falls into four clusters and two charts visualize the spend and difference between spend and revenue.

Armed with this visual, most people are encouraged to look inside the campaigns – probably first by running the Ad-Group version of this report – and find ways to fix the losers or kill the problematic groups or keywords.

But you can’t drive to those actions and decisions without information. This report is a good example of how ClickEquations Analyst can help you to understand the performance of your accounts, and make good decisions about how to prioritize your PPC efforts.

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