The Missing Match-Type

While we already have Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, and unfortunately Automatic Matching, there is one unavailable Match Type we could really use: And Matching. I’d like to be able to specify two or more words, and match to any query that contained those words, in any order and with any words before, after, or in between. So if I’m selling pet supplies in Boulder Colorado, I could purchase the Keyword: Boulder Dog on the AND Match Type, and I’d match to ‘Cheap dog food in Boulder’ and ‘Boulder Dog Park’ and ‘Natural Dog Supplies in Boulder’. The problem is that I don’t trust Broad Match. In this case ‘Boulder’ is the key term, but I obviously can’t Broad Match Boulder, I need to also specify that it’s only Boulder Dog related searchers I want. The AND Match Type would enable that.

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