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We did it again. We saw something we loved, and we just had to get a hold it for our clients. This time, we acquired ScienceOps – a small and beautiful company from Mount Vernon, Washington, just north of Seattle. Besides building algorithms for DARPA and NASA (seriously), over the past few years the rocket scientists at ScienceOps have been building the only optimization platform solely dedicated to increasing conversions and suppressing CPA for the Google Display Network – AdMetrica®. And boy does that thing ever work!

During our due diligence process we spoke with five of their largest clients. Their verdicts were unanimous; not only did they all get many more conversions and significantly decreased CPAs, but the scale at which these were produced was completely off the charts. In some cases, daily results went from dozens to thousands of conversions in just a few days. In the “worst” case, an ecommerce site went from about three conversions per day to 45 in one week, while CPA went from $50 to $12. The client was quite happy about his first week on AdMetrica. How does it work? In a nutshell, AdMetrica® starts working from keyword lists that are entered into the application. This part of the deployment does need to involve humans, and for the time being, the best people for the job are the good folks from ScienceOps, now part of the Acquisio family. AdWords then uses those keyword lists to start targeting ads to various placements. As ads run across the GDN, AdMetrica® pays close attention to a number of important variables to identify those placements that produce the best results. It then automatically starts explicitly targeting those special placements with the right ad and bid, and it adjusts campaign budgets throughout the day to make sure that there are never any surprises. AdMetrica® uses genetic algorithms to automatically generate new campaigns and Adgroups with winning characteristics as determined from its learnings, and continues to adjust bids and budgets as campaigns continue to expand and gain in accuracy. In order to achieve maximum results, the product adjusts bids every 30 minutes. Obviously, no human can do anything like this. And the results are there, pretty much, every single time. Characteristics of High-Performing AdMetrica® Clients Curious if this would apply to your campaigns. Businesses that use AdMetrica to optimize their conversion volumes and CPA on the Google Display Network (GDN) frequently possess the following characteristics:

1.     Product. The product being advertised is appealing to a large number of Internet users. By contrast, a poorly performing product would be one that is obscure, and only rarely purchased by a small niche market.

2.     Budget. The advertiser is willing to allocate sufficient budgetary expenditures –hundreds or thousands of dollars per day – to deliver an adequate number of impressions for learning and optimization.

3.     Brand. Advertisers of well-known brands naturally entice Internet users to generate larger volumes of clicks (which AdMetrica is then able to convert in larger volumes).

4.     Landing-page. The advertiser is capable of creating a landing-page that closely relate to the ad, and is easy for prospective customer to complete. (i.e., minimal entry fields, financial cost, and privacy risk, etc.)

5.     Experienced. The advertiser is familiar with the challenges and nuances of the Google Display Network. They have been satisfied with their past GDN experiences, understand its enormous potential, and yearn for better results.

AdMetrica is already available to all Acquisio clients. In order to learn more, please contact your sales executive or drop us a note.



Marc Poirier is an SEM expert, a thought leader, and a devoted dad (to twins!) He’s a frequent speaker at industry events, like SMX and Ad:Tech, and contributes bylines to top marketing publications including Advertising Age, AdWeek and more. While a mainstay in the SEM world he is still has a soft spot for one of his first loves, cognitive science and still taps into what he learned while completing his PhD at Université de Montréal. If you’re looking for him on the weekends, he’s most likely gone fishing.

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