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Introducing AdAlysis for Ad Testing

Ad testing can be a hassle. You set up your test, run your campaigns and hope to see a clear winner. Now multiply that by dozens, hundreds or thousands of ads and you’ll see why an automated ad testing solution would come in handy.

We all know the importance of A / B testing, but if you don’t test ads effectively or if no clear winner is determined, ad testing gets frustrating, maybe even to the point where you stop testing ads as often.

Don’t let your campaigns suffer. There’s a new ad testing option on the market which blows some of the others out of the water.

We’re proud to support AdAlysis, a new ad testing technology, and its founder Brad Geddes, and we want you to get as excited as we are. Here’s what you should know about AdAlysis, Acquisio and how the two fit together.

What is AdAlysis?

AdAlysis is an automated ad testing platform for AdWords.

The only technology of its kind, this system exists to allow marketers to see which ads perform the best and why. Rather than performing tests manually, this is the only technology available to automatically run tests at scale – capable of testing thousands of ads at once.

By letting technology do what it does best, manage massive amounts of data to discover patterns, marketers can do what they do best and apply creative changes and solutions to ad campaigns.

AdAlysis provides insights related to the ads by running statistical significance calculations to score the ads based on key performance indicators. This helps you determine where you have action to take.

Once you see which ads perform best, it’s easy to take advantage of that data.

Just see what Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor at gyro, had to say about AdAlysis:

We were spending hours manually calculating statistical significance for ad copy testing. With AdAlysis, the testing takes minutes – across multiple campaigns and accounts! We can now analyze thousands of tests in an hour. I highly recommend AdAlysis for PPC managers who want to spend more time on strategy and less time crunching numbers.

Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor at gyro


This solution is ideal for agencies or large scale advertisers with thousands of ads to test because it is the only technology that allows you to realistically test ads and gain Ad Insights at scale. Here are some of the main benefits of using AdAlysis in the Acquisio platform:

  • Save time and focus efforts on creative changes and improvements rather than the tedious task of running tests and recording results.
  • The ease of testing will help you make meaningful changes to accounts and ad campaigns which will help ads and accounts perform better and run more smoothly.
  • You can see how many ads at the campaign level are performing well or underperforming, at a glance.
  • AdAlysis works to test both text and display ads.
  • The AdAlysis technology works without the need for historical data.
  • AdAlysis works for AdWords and support for Bing is coming soon.

Getting interested? If you’re an Acquisio user and you want to start using AdAlysis, we are offering a discount! Just contact someone at Acquisio for more information.

Once you’re set up with AdAlysis, here’s how the ads testing solution will work within Acquisio.

AdAlysis and Acquisio

The Acquisio platform supports AdAlysis data, and will display AdAlysis information in the platform in a series of new fields, automatically refreshed daily.

The AdAlysis connector allows you to view your AdAlysis ad insights in the Acquisio platform alongside the other ad metrics and key performance indicators presented in Acquisio.

The six key metrics used by AdAlysis to generate ad insights include:

  1. CTR = Click Through Rate
  2. CVR = Conversion Rate
  3. CPI = Cost per Impression
  4. CPA = Cost per Acquisition
  5. ROAS = Return on Ad Spend
  6. RPI = Revenue per Impression

For each of these metrics, there are 2 columns visible in the Acquisio Dashboard, a column for good performance and another for poor performance; these are referred to as winners and losers.

For example, if you want to view your AdAlysis insights relating to click through rate, you will look at the two columns:



If the ad was deemed to have a good CTR, a 1 will appear in the CTR_Winner column and a 0 in the CTR_Loser column. If an ad was determined to have a CTR that needs improvement, a 1 will appear in the CTR_Loser column and a 0 in the CTR_Winner column.

Platform View

This is how the AdAlysis data will be presented within the Acquisio platform:

These insights are actionable. With this view you can easily see where to make improvements and what to replicate in the future. Using these insights, you can update your ad copy as needed to improve campaign performance.

Pretty sweet, huh! Not only will A / B tests be more conclusive and reliable, but you can perform thousands of tests at once. If you want more info about AdAlysis, contact the AdAlysis team directly.

Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

Jill is a professional writer, editor and social media procrastinator. With a degree in Literature and Communications from McGill, she started her journalism career writing about lifestyle and entertainment for teen magazines, and after dabbling with wedding and travel writing she began the transition towards content creation for start ups, marketing and tech companies.

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