how to set up seo in web design

How to Ensure that Your Web Design is SEO Friendly

Website developers can use web design to improve a site’s search engine optimization and draw in more traffic, but you need to know what to do. Here are some important tips to consider when making your website SEO friendly.

how to set up seo in web design

1 – Reduce heavy objects on the web page

The loading speed of your site is extremely important (the time from rendering to when the last item loads) because if your site is too slow, no one will wait for more than 5 seconds for your page to load. If there is anything heavy on your site, like HD images or video, take the necessary steps to make sure the rest of the items on your site are very light. Images and video are important for engagement, so don’t sacrifice heavy content for speed, but find the right balance so loading time is still fast.

2 – Clean web codes


Having clean web codes simply means using HTML only. Search engines are able to read HTML only, so you will have to make JavaScript and CSS external. If you add any code outside of HTML the search engine crawlers might leave out parts of your site.

3 – CSS comes early

Developers use CSS to format the page layout on the browser. Having CSS early means the page will be able to render a bit faster and the loading process will also be quicker. When things are moving faster it’s good news for your bounce rate.

4 – Tighter codes

When you make use of HTML 5, you are going to create tighter codes. This is because HTML 5 has les shortcuts so you do not have to write as much code. This is especially beneficial when embedding videos on a site. You will have less code and the same user experience, with faster load times for your site.

5 – Duplicate text into image files

If you dare duplicate text then you will face penalties.  The most common problem is duplicating the website’s tag line, which usually comes under the image logo on each page. Search engines do not read images, so to stay away from duplicating the tag line, then turn the text into an image and there will be no duplication penalties coming your way.

6 – Content is king

content is king

Before your website has any text, ensure the SEO content is prepared. There will be meta tags as well as setting page areas that contain H tags and title tags. This means all you have to do is enter text in the required spaces and the page will be SEO friendly. WordPress themes come optimized up to ninety per cent and this should be the target for your site. (It is harder to do this kind of optimization for a website than it is for a blog.)

7 – User friendly navigation

Ensure that your site has a proper navigation structure and system that will make it easier for your visitors to navigate their way through the site. The easier they find what they’re looking for and the easier it is to get around the site, the higher search engines will rank you. This is because search engines simply love usable sites.

You can go by the three click rule and ensure that the anchor text is descriptive. Do not duplicate any of the text and ensure that at least every page has three internal links that lead to it.

8 –Search engine friendly URLs

seo url

You will have to make your URLs readable and descriptive so that they are easy to read and understand through search. You may have to remove web pages and add new ones that contain the search engine friendly URLs.

9 – There are no short cuts or quick tips

It takes a good amount of time to create a good website. If there is anything that does not mesh with SEO it is brevity, so take all the time required to complete your site, and it will pay off in the long run. People who do this sort of work without a plan of how to go about it usually end up crippling their site.

10 – Use of keywords

Keywords are essential in any SEO campaign, and on any given page of your website. You should ensure that your site not only uses keywords, but that those keywords are used and located correctly.

11 –Social media

Social media should also be part and parcel of your SEO campaigns. This is because when you interact and build relationships via social you are actually building your brand. You also expose yourself and are able to build a community that trusts you and thus gain credibility.

One of the main reasons why you should jump on the social media bandwagon is for link building. If visitors share your links in their own circles then it will result in many inbound links, thus growing your business and helping you achieve results.

The tips above are just a few ways you can make your site visible on search engines. There are those who claim to sell methods that make you an instant success on Google but there is nothing as effective as having a good solid foundation for your site. This is what will benefit you in the long run.

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Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma

Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking by SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

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