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Solving the Marketing Puzzle
Think of your marketing efforts as a rubik cube. You can’t possibly solve the puzzle without being able to see all sides. In your traditional marketing efforts, you cannot unfortunately see all sides. It’s incredibly challenging to try to focus on one aspect, be it your search, analytics or website, without ignoring the others. So how do you look at all sides and solve your marketing puzzle?

Whether you’re an analyst or a HiPPO, you’ve got some sort of reporting to do. The bottom line is: you want to know how well you are performing based on how much you are spending. This goes beyond average metrics like of cost per click or ROAS. Because average metrics yield average results. And average results lead to average decisions.

What we’ve really been missing is a way to seamlessly combine our PPC and Analytics data together to have more meaningful metrics. Sure, Google Adwords and Google Analytics have started playing nice recently. But it’s still not the type of seamless integration you need. And what if you are advertising on search engines other than Google?

The Hook Up
So how do you pull all this data together and make sense of it? You throw them in a tool and let them make love to one another. We usually don’t use our blog to promote our tool. But integrating Google Analytics into Acquisio SEARCH, is well… it’s kind of a big deal!

It’s Kind of a Big Deal
Whether you’re a publisher, run an eCommerce or B2B site, it’s kind of a big deal! You suddenly have this new way of looking at metrics where you can measure almost Anything per Anything. Here are a few sexy PPC and Analytics metrics that can make your reports just a little more provocative.

Sexy Publishing Metrics

  • Cost per Page View
  • Cost per Visit, Visitor, New Visit
  • Cost per Bounce

Sexy eComm Metrics

  • Average Revenue per Item
  • Average Revenue per Transaction
  • Average Value per Goal Completion
  • Average Item Revenue per Click
  • Average Goal Value per Click

Sexy B2B Metrics

  • ROAS per Item Revenue
  • ROAS per Goal Value
  • Bounce Rate per Click
  • Page View Rate per Click
  • Visits, Visitors, New Visits per Click

You can even drill down and get as granular as you need to by measuring cost, rate, revenue and ROAS per campaign, ad group or keyword. The possibilities are endless. And remember: Average metrics yield average results. Are you basing your marketing decisions and spending your dollars on average metrics?

In the next blog post, we will look at an example of how combining PPC and Analytics metrics can help you make better marketing decisions.


Noran is the Director of Marketing at BoostCTR and an Associate Instructor of the Master Certification Conversion Optimization course at MarketMotive.

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