Google Dance Management

There are many amazing things about Google. The one I’ve always been the most intrigued by is their ability to manage so many projects so well at such a large scale.

We can hardly imagine the number of things going on there – big diverse programs, developments, acquisitions, global scaling issues, etc. Yet relatively speaking things seem to get done and run amazingly smoothly.

This extends to their ability to throw a party.

I spent last evening walking the famous “Google Dance” event with friend and advisor Avinash Kaushik.

If Martha Stewart threw a tech party, this would be it. There was no detail, no extravagance, no space or idea left incomplete. There were gifts, and caricature artists, and music, and food (of all kinds & everywhere) and light shows, and photo-booths, and volleyball, and on and on. With an industry full of people streaming in by the bus load.

And yet like the Google homepage it was simple, friendly, and casual.

I can’t imagine the effort that went into making this event so complex and so seemingly effortless.

It was a great event, but it inspired even more awe about what these guys are doing and will continue to do during work hours.



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