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Fun Fact Friday: Automotive Marketers Channel Psychologists

Fun Fact #1

According to Klaus-Peter Wiedmann and others, consumers prefer vehicle brands with histories of credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Marketing-schools.org explains that enlightened automotive marketers dive into the psyche of their customers when building a successful marketing strategy. They channel their inner inquisitive psychologist and learn the specific emotions, desires, and needs of their audience in order to target them more efficiently while building trust.

Whether it be hedonistic concerns (like climbing the social ladder), or utilitarian anxieties (like safety ratings), consumers want brands to tell them the story they want to hear.

Table of psychology and car advertising

Check out the chart above to find the rationale around these automotive ads:

Mazda “What do You Drive?”

Subaru “Baby Driver”

BMW “Cake”

Psychology and marketing go hand in hand, and emotionally based campaigns continue to prove their worth.

While you’re waiting for next week’s fun fact, check out our webinar for more insight on the future of the automotive industry!

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Image 1: Marketing-Schools.org

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