Fighting for Truth in SEM Analytics

Amazingly, I just finished the slide deck for my presentation a SES in San Jose next week. I’m not sure I’ve ever done a deck a full week in advance before!

The session topic is terrific: “Identify, Analyze, Act: SEM by the Numbers”, and so is the panel:

  • Brian Cosgrove, Site-Side Analytics Engineer, AvenueA / Razorfish
  • Heather Dougherty, Analyst, Hitwise
  • Michael Stebbins, CEO & Founder, Market Motive
  • Brett Crosby, Senior Manager, Google Analytics, Google

I’ve decided to use my presentation time to run quickly through the epic battle for truth and justice in the world of PPC. It’s my first PowerPoint that includes images of Mephisto, Darth Vader, and all the Superfriends.

In the end good triumphs over evil, and hopefully I’ll reveal the some of the secrets that smart search marketers can use to protect themselves and their budgets from the dark forces.

If you’re going to be in San Jose at SES, please try to attend on Tuesday at 4pm. After the show I’ll make the full deck and details available here for anyone who can’t make it.



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