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Where To Find the Best WordPress Themes Online

Once upon a time, creating a blog or a website was a difficult task, and the final product was not all that good by today’s standards.

Nowadays, you can create a website from scratch within a few minutes. You can develop just about any kind of website with ease thanks to platforms like WordPress and the innumerable themes available online.

WordPress is a renowned content management system that people love because of its simplicity, time-saving ability, organization and reliability. It is especially ideal for beginners in site administration and web design because you do not need to have any kind of website building experience. With WordPress’ vast selection of themes to offer, you should not have a problem getting your site up and running within a matter of hours.

Finding the best WordPress Themes

website 1Accessing the best themes for WordPress should not be a problem at all, with so many websites where you can fetch premium quality themes both paid and free. As an investment, you should be ready to pay for better more complex themes. Verify with review websites to see if a certain template has been buggy or caused issues with other users before you buy it. Let’s say you want to get a BuddyPress WordPress theme like Divi; you would want to read a Divi WordPress theme review and decide whether it is the theme that you want.

The best places to find and buy WordPress themes include:

  • Free directories

WordPress.org is a theme directory where you can fetch free themes. This is the biggest directory and most reliable place to get the best themes for WordPress if you’re looking for something basic. Each and every theme is reviewed extensively on this directory to make sure that it meets specific quality and security standards.

  • Theme Forest

This is one of the best theme marketplaces. It does not matter whether you want to convert your website into an auction site or you want to create a fashion blog, you can find a theme that works perfectly. At Theme Forest, you will get some of the most responsive themes that are available in the market. Beware, you will be checking out the most popular themes, the themes that everyone seems to be buying, so if you don’t want your website to look generic, choose wisely.

  • Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is a great marketplace where you can sort and filter  through themes to get the most responsive options available. The biggest problem with Mojo Themes is that  it does not provide information on the latest updates concerning the themes.

  • Creative market

Creative Market is the smallest of the three marketplaces mentioned here, you could probably surf through the whole marketplace in less than an hour, but there are several things that you will love including: a useful comments section and helpful profile feature,  where you can check out the creator’s profile to find out what other features they have to offer.

Local theme shops for you

wordpressThere are also independent theme developers to consider. These independent developers might not be all that easy to find, but most of them sell themes in the wordpress marketplace mentioned above, which makes finding them and accessing their other work a bit easier.

Dealing with independent theme creators can be quite tricky because of issues with support and quality. It is worth noting that most of the smaller independents are commercial businesses, so when you are selecting one of these, you should look out for:

  1. Support

Do they provide support and does it look like active? It is crucial to know whether you are going to get excellent support or you are going to have to suffer through the effort of having to figure out some things on your own. Responsiveness is key.

  1. History

You do not want just anyone creating a theme for your website. You need people with years of experience in the field so these experts can resolve issues quickly. How long has the company been in business and what are some of the products that they have created? There is nothing wrong with purchasing a theme from a new company, but understand their learning curve.

  1. Active updates

How often are the themes being updated? Frequent updates show the commitment of the company to improve the quality of their products. If the themes are being updated every few days or with a reasonable frequency, then that is probably a worthwhile place to do your shopping. You can rest assured that if you have an issue, with frequent updates it will be resolved.

Some of the best of these independent theme providers include the likes of Elegant Themes and Theme Foundry. There are so many others that are available for your selection. You will be spoiled for choice when you go searching for these theme providers, and each has something significant to offer.


If you are looking for the best WordPress themes, you should not have a problem getting them, from free theme directories to theme marketplaces to independent theme providers, there are so many ways to ensure your site is designed to convert.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at Big Drop Inc. He also works at a design, branding and marketing firm he founded 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers.

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