Facebook 101: Check your Ad Scheduling & Delivery Settings!

Last week, Acquisio sponsored the Facebook Advertising: Testing and Optimization webcast on Search Marketing Now (available on-demand). The very talented Merry Morud from aimClear packed it with tons of tips and tricks but here’s one that really resonated with me:

So simple, yet so true.

Being orginally from Egypt and listing diving as one of my interests on Facebook, it’s no surprise that I’ve been seeing this ad since October:

If you’re advertising tourism to a country that’s going into its 3rd week of political revolution with foreigners being evacutated left and right, I’d say that’s a pretty classic case of setting it and forgetting it. Whether they’re paying on a CPM and not CPC basis, the evil marketer in me clicked and bounced anyway!

I know I’m stating the obvious here. But often times than not, it’s the simplest mistakes that end up costing us the most. If you’ve read this far, do me a favour and pay a quick visit to your ad scheduling and delivery settings tab in Facebook. Figure out if it makes sense for your ads to run continuously, during specific dates, or if you need to pause some of them.


Noran is the Director of Marketing at BoostCTR and an Associate Instructor of the Master Certification Conversion Optimization course at MarketMotive.

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