ClickEquations Preview Update (Confidential)

In just one week we’ll begin publicly previewing our new paid search analytics and management platform – ClickEquations™.

The initial ‘invitation only’ events are happening in San Francisco while we’re attending the Semphonic XChange and SES San Jose conferences.

We built ClickEquations because as paid search practitioners and web analysts we know that managing paid search campaigns with current  tools is not as efficient nor effective as it should be.

It’s too hard to get complete and accurate visibility into account performance, too difficult to prioritize the opportunities and risks within campaigns, and it’s way too cumbersome to actually execute changes once you decide which actions are required.

ClickEquations addresses each of these areas:

  • Providing paid search managers (and the exec teams to whom they report) with highly-relevant (and amazingly customizable) reporting,
  • Offering guidance concerning the risks and opportunities that should be addressed most urgently, and
  • Introducing new ways to automate much of the cumbersome work that is PPC Management today.

I should hasten to add that it won’t do all of these things, at least not in the full intended sense, on initial release. But the roadmap is clear, and we’ll share it.

Our initial release is pretty cool, and includes a lot of capabilities that we’ve been wanting for years. It’s focused on paid search reporting, capturing the right data and making the information it contains accessible and useful in a number of interesting ways.

Judging from the reactions to our NDA briefings thus far, both the search and analytics communities are going to be quite excited – with both the features and the price-point.

But perhaps more importantly this release establishes a base on which both we and others can extend and innovate.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting more details about ClickEquations on the blog. And soon we’ll be accepting invitation-requests for both Alpha and Charter Customer programs.

Until then, please don’t tell anyone! As far as you know there is not an exciting and new paid search platform called ClickEquations. It’s a secret until we formally announce on or about November 1st.



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