ClickEquations and Quality

Quality is a common and perhaps overused word in our marketing language. But when not used as an instrument of hype, there is a world of quality as in improvement, control, and process.

One of our Search Marketing Managers, Matt LeVeque, is a member of the American Society for Quality, and a student of many related disciplines such as Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.

In a new post on his personal blog, Matt talks about this view of Quality as it relates to our ClickEquations paid search software, which he’s helped shape and been using throughout its development.

One of the most important features about ClickEquations is that quality has been built into the software based on real user requirements (search engine marketers) and tested over and over by a very skilled team of developers using the agile software development process. The development process happens in smaller iterations with improvements continually added to the software as needed (read: JIT ). This allows for a high level of quality control to be maintained by a software team working in a very flexible environment. The key point is that all of this work happens BEFORE the software is ready for public release this Fall.

Thanks Matt. But you do know we haven’t announced this yet, right?

Note: Matt is also the king of the kitch desktop image, bringing old familiar faces like Fred ‘Rerun’ Barry to our offices.



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