Broad Match Is A Fishing Tool and You Should Be A Hunter

Seen some crazy broad matches lately? fishnetEveryone has, and PPCProz is building a list of the zaniest, so we can all laugh our way to the poor house. There will always be broad match in every campaign. But if huge portions of your traffic/revenue are coming through broad match you (or your agency) are not working hard enough. And if you have a lot of broad match it’s certain that you’re:

  • Paying too much per click
  • Missing a lot of impressions
  • Getting useless clicks
  • Wasting money

I’ve written extensively about Match Types in the past, and proposed the ‘Match Type Keyword Trap‘ as a guiding principle of how and when to use them and most importantly transition your search queries into phrase and exact keywords, with appropriate bidding. match type distributionBroad match is an important tool – it saves time and energy, and provides a place to start. But mostly – although not entirely – it is a training wheels set you should get beyond for the lion’s share of your PPC spend and revenue.



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