The Best Things in Life are Free

Sam Cooke once said that the best things in life are free- the flowers in spring, the robins that sing, and free consulting at Search Engine Strategies Toronto. Okay, he didn’t really say the last one. This year, SES Toronto is on fire with express and site clinics. You now have the chance to review your site with top industry experts and get solid actionable recommendations… you know, the kind of stuff we don’t all have a budget for. Site clinics will take place on Day 2 (June 11th) and include: Search Ads & Landing Page Clinic Moderated by Bryan Eisenberg, yours truly and Mona Elesseily will show you how to carry out your promises from ad to landing page to ensure a smooth visitor experience, increase your relevancy, and boost your conversions. Tough Love: Get Your Site Tuned Up Let experts Jonathan Allen and Dawn Wentzell give you a little tough love about your site in a session moderated by Mike Grehan. They may be tough on you, but you’ll love the tips and tricks you learn in this session. Here are the express clinics lined up:

  • Express Search Usability Clinic
  • On-The-Spot SEO Site Review
  • 3 Steps to Conversion Nirvana
  • Landing Page Improvement Clinic
  • Socializing your Website
  • If Links are Votes… Is your Site on the Ballot?

These clinics are free for anyone to attend and require no appointments. Best of all, they’re spread out throughout the 2 days, which means you can go to all of them if you choose to. If you’d like some suggestions for sessions to attend, check out Andrew Goodman’s blog post: Red Hot Topics at SES Toronto 2010. And While You’re There… Make sure you stop by the Acquisio booth to say hello and pick up one of our famous t-shirts. People who wore Acquisio t-shirts during SES New York have reported having better social lives, getting promoted at work, and being offered free drinks… no, seriously. See you in Toronto!

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Acquisio Admin

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