Acquisio Introduces Promote, an All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

I’m happy to announce the launch of Acquisio Promote, an all-in-one digital marketing solution for local businesses in need of a digital presence and new customer generation.

Acquisio promote

Why We Created Promote

People who have been following my career know that I deeply care about helping local businesses leverage digital marketing  to grow their business.

Small business owners don’t always have time to learn about the latest and greatest in search engine marketing and they often don’t realize that a lot of searches are happening on mobile and that Google favors mobile-optimized websites.

According to research done in 2014 by Google, on understanding consumers’ local search behavior, more than 90% of small businesses still do not have a mobile website; and that’s something we wanted to improve. That same study also revealed that 40% of searchers say they would turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience, meaning mobile friendly websites are crucial for small business growth.

At Acquisio, we realized we had to create a very simple solution which would bundle a mobile-optimized landing page (focused  on  conversions) with a trackable phone number (to easily track phone calls delivered to customers).

What Promote Offers

Promote is designed to drive more phone calls and leads to local advertisers.  Businesses simply enter their phone number and Promote does the rest, by providing them with:

  • A simple, configurable, mobile-optimized website and URL with call tracking capabilities.
  • Ad campaigns on Google AdWords (and other leading ad networks) with a pre-built, vertical-specific site design, imagery, content and ad taxonomy.
  • Acquisio’s proprietary optimization algorithm to deliver maximum clicks and calls within any geo-targeted radius.
  • Analytics and reporting dashboards with call tracking and recording capabilities.

How Promote Works

Today, if someone is serious about advertising  their small business, search engine marketing is crucial, and if they’re serious about reaching customers in 2015, it will happen on mobile.

That’s what we bring to the table with Promote. We set up advertising on leading search platforms (Google, Bing, and in the US ypSearch Marketplace) so small businesses can reach thousands of local customers

Behind the scenes, we’ll use Acquisio’s sophisticated bid optimization to help deliver more bang for the buck for small businesses. We’re leveraging Acquisio’s powerful technology, originally built for agencies, in this very simple product.

From a reporting point of view, we report on calls using the trackable phone number we deploy. We also track on the number of people clicking on driving directions, because we believe that’s a good proxy for the number of people who will visit a store.

Exclusively for Resellers

We are now sharing Promote with our reseller friends; directory and newspaper publishers, local search marketing agencies and any channel partners with small business advertisers who want to bolt-on a simple search engine marketing offer.

We are currently looking for our first few launch partners. We are working in startup mode and new features will be introduced all the time, so we are excited to work with our partners to build an even better product moving forward.

Visit to get more info and contact us!

Sebastien Provencher

Sebastien Provencher

Sébastien Provencher is an entrepreneurial tech professional with more than 15 years of hands-on product management and business development experience, and was called “one of the smartest thinkers I have ever met when it comes to the internet,"​ by Mitch Joel. Acting as an advisor to major brands, founding multiple companies and working for various industry leaders, Provencher is an award winning marketer. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, playing strategy games and watching baseball.

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