10 Online Advertising Features to Be Thankful For

Happy American Thanksgiving! There’s no better time to reflect and be thankful for your family, friends, good health and PPC success.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is much to be thankful for. According to emarketer.com, by the end of 2014 digital ad spend will hit $137.53 billion with the number continuing to grow in 2015. Online advertising and digital marketing is a “hot” industry right – that makes you a hot commodity by extension.

Go you!

Here’s a list of 8 reasons digital marketers should be thankful this year:

1. Truthful Results

If you were to purchase billboard space, it would be very tough to gauge exactly how much business came from that advertisement. When it comes to online advertising, all of the results are pretty cut and dry. You can keep tabs on conversions, phone calls and an overall cost per acquisition that will prove the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign.

Be thankful for the advances in attribution and the transparency of your advertising efforts!

2. A vs. B Testing

The idea or concept of every advertising campaign is crucial.  Back in the day, advertising concepts were selected without any real reason, whatever sounded good was what went live, hence so many inappropriate or racey ads.

inappropriate ad

Fast-forward to the 21st century and we can now run two different sets of creative to see which one receives the highest click through rate and conversion rate and the lowest bounce rate to determine a true winner for the online ad creative. No more awkward ad content – Thank gawd!

For a Loveland, Ohio apartment community, they were able to test different messaging on display advertisements to gauge the overall effectiveness. The fact that different messaging and imagery can be tested and executed within several days is something that we should never take for granted!

3. Affordable Budget

In the 1980’s, if you wanted to make a dent in the marketplace in regards to advertising, you would have to have a large budget, especially if you wanted to run television advertisements. Now you can have a shoestring budget and still generate new business by creating thrifty campaigns that target the appropriate keywords and lead to a high conversion rate percentage. Once you’re able to prove that your campaign is profitable; it allows for you to invest more into advertising and grow your business even more!

If you are a relocation company and continue to generate a solid cost per acquisition on a Google PPC campaign, why not re-invest your paid advertising budget to obtain more new business for your company? The possibilities are endless if you are able to hit the ROAS sweet spot with an online advertising campaign.

4. Instant Results

Isn’t it amazing that you can create an advertisement using Google Adwords and 15-minutes later, the copy for your ad is appearing in the #1 overall position (for paid) on Google? Online advertising is a quick way to reach a large audience and a campaign can be pulled off within an-hour, which is pretty remarkable when compared to search engine optimization, where it can take months to pull off a successful campaign.

Paid advertising success can be instantaneous!

5. Honing in On Your Audience

Let’s say a user clicks on your advertisements and drops off your website for an unrelated reason – the phone rings, the baby cries, their boss catches them shopping for shoes during work hours. Well, if you have a display remarketing advertisement set-up, a beautiful piece of creative can follow this user around for the next 30-days to remind them about your product or messaging. Display remarketing advertisements have an amazing return on investment and are a key component for online advertising that all marketers should be thankful for – just make sure to avoid remarketing mistakes.

6. Reporting

How nice is it at the beginning of each month to receive a beautiful report recapping all of the progress on your campaign? Even if you have a numerous campaigns running on Google, Facebook and Bing, being able to receive data in an organized manner not only saves time, it allows for the decision makers to act promptly on all of the important data. Acquisio prides itself on being a platform that provides online advertisers with numerous components to run and analyze all online marketing campaigns, so let’s take a second to be thankful for aggregated reports.

7. Flexibility

With a television advertisement, company’s can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars while taking a gamble on whether or not the campaign will pay dividends. Even if your company wants to invest a lot of money into online advertising, if it isn’t working after a certain time, you can either pause the campaign permanently or make adjustments, like fixing your ad copy and landing page, before shelling out more money. You can’t do that with other mediums, so let’s say a quick thank you for being able to make mistakes and last minute adjustments to campaigns.

8. Guidance

How great is it that Google provides a “quality score” which informs you how well your advertisements are performing? If you receive a score of a 6/10, well, it is time to go back to the drawing board. And if you have any questions, Google has a 1-800 number that provides technical support during business hours. Having trusted guidance on a daily basis is something that many online advertisers take for granted!

Even though sometimes it is tough to take your mind off of work, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday before perfecting your digital campaigns for Black Friday! Happy Thanksgiving from The Media Captain.

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Jason Parks

Jason Parks

Jason Parks is the President and Founder of The Media Captain and Cleveland Marketing King, two digital marketing and development agencies based in Ohio. He's a VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur.com and has been featured in the New York Times, Yahoo News and Search Engine Watch on digital-marketing topics. Jason's agencies have helped hundreds of businesses increase their online exposure.

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