10 Best Posts Of 2008 From The ClickEquations Blog

08calendarIn this brief pause before 2009 ramps up, I was catching up in my own RSS Reader and noticed quite a few ‘best posts’ lists from some of my favorite PPC bloggers. Since the pace of work and life often results in some gaps in my blog reading, I found these a great way to find important posts I may have missed. It’s been six months since The ClickEquations Blog began, taking over from The Commerce360 Blog and The Precommerce Blog before that. I’m proud of many of the posts and wanted to offer my own list to help readers find some ‘gems’ they might have missed. First, I’d call attention to three series-of-posts from 2008:

  • The Search Clarity Series (Part I, Part II, Part III) – One of the biggest issues facing PPC professionals, the fact that it’s hard or impossible to get complete and accurate information.
  • The Match Type Series (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Bonus) – Thoughts on my favorite under-utilized search option.
  • The Quality Score Series (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI) – Inspired by a webinar with Bryan Eisenberg, an extended look at the power of Quality Score in Google Adwords.

Top 10 Individual Posts of 2008 (in no particular order)

  1. Rethinking Paid Search – The preface for both ClickEquations and High Resolution PPC, and much of what’s been on this blog in ’08 and will be in ’09.
  2. Three Challenges For Paid Search Managers – An overview look at tough issues facing people who manage PPC.
  3. The First Step to Better Paid Search – An important tip from a presentation at SES.
  4. The Mantra of High Resolution PPC – This and a few related posts outline a new framework for thinking about paid search, and managing search campaigns. (bonus link Shifting PPC from Low to High Resolution)
  5. Why We Created ClickEquations – A look at the rational for deciding to create and launch a new paid search management platform.
  6. Paid Search In The Hot Sun – A summary of the barriors to productivity in paid search management.
  7. Prioritizing Paid Search – Thoughts on how to figure out what to do next.
  8. Has Web Analytics Jumped The Shark – Freshly back from the Semphonic Analytics Conference some thoughts on the state of Web Analytics.
  9. 10 Unique Features of ClickEquations – Search management tools are poorly defined and can all seem to offer roughly the same features. Some clear reasons why ClickEquations is different.
  10. Search Engines Friend Or Foe – A look at the role of the search engines and our relationship to them as paid search professionals.

Thanks to everyone who visits and reads, on the site or via email or RSS. We get great feedback on the blog, especially at trade shows, business meetings, and while running through airports – it is very much appreciated. We’re looking forward to an even more active 2009. See you there.



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