Are You Ready for Conversational Search?


It used to be the only time I talked to my computer was to scream expletives about how long it was taking to calculate a pivot table. That’s all about to change.

It’s time to tackle the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of search marketing….

How Today’s Marketers Can Respond to The Growth of Interactive Marketing

A lot of marketers, it seems, are getting excited about the abilities of combining Display with Search marketing. So much so that we’re being inundated with requests to explain the process, and to give some background on how it works, and how one can get involved….

Targeting Options Across Different Online Channels

So maybe you have an online budget and it’s time to build a strategy. Or maybe you have to build a strategy so that you can lobby the purse-holder for a budget to work with. How do you determine what channels are best suited for your goals?

Well, each online channel offers a distinct form of user targeting, and how you target someone is going to affect how they react, respond, and/or convert. So it’s helpful to first understand each of these major targeting methods, and from there decide which online marketing channels are most compatible with your goals….

Learn How to Get More Money out of Google Grants

If you are asking yourself “what is a Google Grant?”, then your eyes are going to light up and your going to find a family member or friend and tell them about it. Basically, Google provides eligible 501(c)(3) organizations with an initial $10,000/month to serve ads on only. (Google currently serves more than 6,000+ Non Profits to date). Now, with that said, Google does have some pretty intense requirements in order to get that free money.

Here’s the first round of requirements:

  • Hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
  • Acknowledge and agree to the application’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • Google for Nonprofits is open only to organizations based in the United States
  • Website cannot display revenue generating ads, such as Google AdSense or affiliate advertising links

Who is not eligible for a Google Grant:…