Online Advertising Changes – Can We Keep Up?

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There’s no doubt that online advertising is changing, and at a rapid pace. Those of us who have been around for a while can marvel at these changes, and even those who have only been at it for the last couple of years are sure to be aware of the many technological advancements that are being made in online advertising. The challenge for all of us is to keep up with all of the changes in order to be able to create well-rounded marketing campaigns, making the best use of all the technology that’s available to us….

Expensive Space with a Low Budget – Consider Facebook

Facebook advertisingI’m going to paint a little scenario here: you’re a new or niche company with a smaller budget. Say maybe a software startup or a niche college program. You’re anxious to start pushing your products and programs through paid search, but find yourself facing immense competition and $20-$30-$40 CPC’s. So what should you do? Turn to Facebook!

Most marketers would tend to write off Facebook as a direct-response marketing tactic, simply because the conversion rate is usually well below that of typical search/display channels. But Facebook will often generate CPC’s in the area of a quarter or below, dropping further and further depending on your CTR. When you have a CPC that’s 99% cheaper in Facebook vs. search, you can afford to take a bit of a hit in conversion rate….