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Facebook Ad Tracking and Optimization
Today’s marketers and advertisers are turning to social media sites like Facebook as a way to reach out to target audiences with the hopes of increasing brand awareness, engagement, along with conversions and revenue in the process. Unfortunately, the measurability of these campaigns can often leave much to be desired.

Thankfully, Acquisio has the solution.

Acquisio Makes Facebook Ad Tracking and Attribution a Reality
Acquisio’s Performance Media Platform lets customers effectively track and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns. Using the Acquisio platform, marketers will be able to utilize the power of Acquisio’s scientifically created attribution models to better understand your clients’ Facebook advertising expenditures against other forms of advertising, including display and search.

Want to know more about how Acquisio can help you measure and report on the true value of your Facebook ads? Find out more about the benefits of using Acquisio to manage your Facebook advertising by requesting a live demo to see how Acquisio can help ensure your Facebook campaigns are converting.

Reporting ImageReporting
You sense that your Facebook ads are having a positive impact on your brand and its bottom line, but how do you prove it? With Acquisio’s platform, showing the results of your Facebook campaigns is easy. Acquisio gives you the ability to track impressions, conversions, social impressions, and social conversions so you can determine the true impact of your Facebook advertising activities. Based on the info provided in these reports, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on Facebook spending, and will be able to demonstrate the overall effect of your Facebook advertising efforts.
Day-to-day Management logoDay-to-day management
If you’ve ever wished that you could create a social media audience segment once (e.g. women 25-35 who live in the Northeast) and then use it over and over again for your Facebook ad campaigns, Acquisio is turning your wish into a reality. Instead of creating one ad at a time, Acquisio’s platform will let you build Facebook campaigns at scale, using the same bulk editor available for all channels. This means more time for analyzing data and making smart decisions and less time wasted on tedious data entry.
Automation LogoAutomation
Don’t miss an opportunity to convert or waste money on campaigns that aren’t performing. Acquisio’s hands-off KPI tracking works just as well on Facebook advertising campaigns as it does on campaigns running in other channels. Simply set your KPIs where you want them; Acquisio will take action on those campaigns that aren’t meeting the mark, either pausing the ads and sending you an alert, increasing the spend, or taking another action you determine.
Optimization LogoOptimization
Which campaigns are doing well, and which are falling a bit short? Acquisio makes it easy to see how your Facebook campaigns are performing.
Tracking LogoTracking
Acquisio’s integration with Facebook lets you take Facebook ad conversion tracking to the next level. By automatically encoding all of the Facebook ads you create, Acquisio lets you effectively track the performance of your ad down to the specific audience segment and variables you have selected. This means you get the benefit of all of the finely detailed tracking data automatically without having to specify ad tracking variables or encoding.

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