Acquisio Trading Desk

The Smartest Way to Approach Display: The Acquisio Trading Desk As display advertising continues to gain traction, smart marketers are moving their advertising campaigns out of separate silos. Smarter marketers are moving them into an integrated marketing platform. And the smartest marketers are choosing the Acquisio platform and the Acquisio Trading Desk as the best way to launch, manage, track, optimize, and report on display, mobile, video, and social advertising.

You get a team of veteran media buyers at your disposal who strategize, plan, and execute your campaigns, all while leveraging best-of-breed technology.

A Holistic View of Cross-Channel Campaign Performance Unlike other display solutions that provide display metrics and nothing more, Acquisio offers a holistic view of how all of your campaign channels are performing, and how they are affecting one another. With Acquisio, you get deep, comprehensive tracking and reporting across search, social, and display, allowing you to move away from “last click analytics” and move toward a more informed, holistic approach to cross-channel campaign management.

Unparalleled Display Opportunities—within the Acquisio Platform

The Acquisio Difference When you buy inventory through an ad exchange, you have little or no control over the information. When you use Acquisio, we give you full transparency on where your ads are going, how your money is working, and how these campaigns are influencing others.

Accessed from inside the Acquisio platform, the Acquisio Trading Desk is plugged into every major ad exchange, and has more than 800 Billion+ impressions available on a monthly basis. The Acquisio Trading Desk takes advantage of real-time bidding (or RTB) to determine the “real” value of publisher inventory, meaning you get the impressions you need at the best price available.

The Acquisio Trading Desk also offers:

  • Access to veteran media buyers who can help you strategize, plan and launch campaigns
  • Extensive targeting and retargeting functionality— including behavioral, geo/location, income, gender, recency, frequency, and more
  • Rich media capabilities, including expandables
  • Time parting and frequency capping

Ready to Make Display Work for You? Ready to learn how the Acquisio Trading Desk can help you improve campaign results? Request a demo, or contact your Acquisio account executive at 1-866-493-9070 for more information.


Making the Most of Your Acquisio Investment with Professional Services

Need assistance in integrating your 3rd party data into Acquisio? Want to hand off some of the more tedious operational tasks so your staff can focus on strategy? Or are you simply interested in making your standard reports even more stellar? If so, Acquisio’s Professional Services team can help.

Acquisio’s Professional Services team can help with a variety of tasks, including:

  • External Data Import: 2nd tier engines, call tracking data, 3rd party or internal tracking data (including conversions and revenue), web analytics data, traditional or offline media stats
  • On-call/Billable Support: Mass URL updating, campaign restructuring, ongoing monitoring tasks, tracking implementation troubleshooting, client webmaster consultations
  • Custom Report Setup: Custom report template design and report creation, cross-account bid rule and report copying

Want to learn more, or ready to get started? Simply fill out the contact form below and a member of the Acquisio Professional Services team will contact you to set up a consultation.