AdMetrica – Scientifically Engineered Google Display Network Optimization

For online marketing professionals, increasing Google Display Network conversions and controlling CPA is a constant goal. Now, thanks to advanced software solutions, this has become easier than ever.

AdMetrica, which is available through Acquisio, is designed specifically for GDN, using advanced algorithms to increase users’ conversions while suppressing their cost-per-acquisition. Synchronizing directly with Google AdWords, AdMetrica’s collection of algorithms makes 1.2 decisions every second of every day to ensure optimal placement and higher returns.

In some cases, daily results have gone from dozens to thousands of conversions in just a few days. Perhaps more interesting is a scenario where an e-commerce company’s daily conversions more than tripled, and their CPA dropped from $50 to $12.

AdMetrica continually optimizes five elements of the Google Display Network that must all be working at top levels in order for your campaigns to achieve top performance.

  1. Keyword Lists – Constantly measuring keyword performance, the AdMetrica algorithm use live data and quality score feedback to place your ads on pages that convert.
  2. Ad Placement – Controlled right down to the URL level, the algorithm works hard to ensure that your ads are being displayed only on the most relevant pages, giving you greater opportunity for conversion.
  3. Bid Pricing Algorithms – AdMetrica’s scientifically engineered algorithms bid in a live, dynamic process, giving you the ability to suppress CPA or, if desired, incrementally increase bids to increase conversion volume.
  4. Budget Control – By monitoring daily budgets every half hour, changes can be made to allocate budget only to campaigns that warrant it. This lowers CPA by cutting off underperforming campaigns, and feeds budgets to high-performance campaigns.
  5. Ad Selection – The last crucial piece of the puzzle is a metrics-based comparative performance evaluation that assesses the best ad creative, and allows for an objective measurement of ad performance.

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