(CRM) Connectors
Get Data Together for True ROAS!

What It Is

Your customers are your business, and online advertising is a key part of your customer acquisition strategy. Knowing how people found your business online is important, and understanding which advertising channels brought you the people that converted to customers is a priority. Simple conversion tracking may not provide the full picture of the true value of your customers, which is why we created the Saleforce Connector.

Acquisio’s (CRM) Connector captures the sales opportunities and sales from your CRM system and connects the revenue to your online spend. This is the full picture — your true return on ad spend (ROAS).

How It Works

Our automated Unique ID encoding is a key component in this process. It allows us to track your offline qualified leads, sales opportunities, and their associated revenue back to the keyword. When mapped back to the Acquisio platform you can create detailed reports and take action on the data using Campaign Automation.

Depending on the nature of your CRM system we can help you connect your customers and online data in one of two ways.

line Integration

We connect to the Salesforce API to acquire actionable insights to help optimize PPC campaigns and to include offline revenue in your ROAS calculation in Acquisio. Our Salesforce link can map leads, opportunities, and revenues to the original keyword used to begin the sales cycle for each unique visitor.


Key Benefits

  • Better Insights for Effective Campaign Automation
  • Taking action on Qualified Leads and Sales Metrics rather than form completions.

You may have a keyword generating a large amount of unqualified leads (keyword 1), while another longtail keyword with less volume of form completions is producing quality leads (keyword2). If you focus on the form completion metric in campaign automation it might indicate that you should raise your bid on keyword1 which would be a poor use of your advertising dollars. With a focus on qualified leads and associated revenue you can make better, more informed decisions based on the true value of the each keyword and adjust your MaxCPC for keyword2 based on the data you have at your fingertips.

Get Started Now!

The Salesforce Connector is available for all Acquisio customers. To learn more about how to get started, contact your Account Executive, or use our Contact Page to get in touch with us.

If you are not yet an Acquisio customer and would like to find out more about how we can help you make better bid management decisions when acquiring B2B customers, click here now and use the form to leave us your information so we can get back to you right away!