Data Integration

Acquisio Links Lets You Take Control of All of Your Data
From organic search data, to PPC data, to data generated from display campaigns and social media advertising data, one thing is for certain–today’s marketers have no shortage of data. What we do have a shortage of, however, is the time and resources necessary to compile, analyze and report on all of that data. So as a busy marketer, how do you ensure you’re making the most of all of the data you’re collecting? By using Acquisio Links.

Flexible, On Demand Data Importing with Acquisio Links
With the most flexible data-importing functionality available today, Acquisio Links makes it possible for you to easily and painlessly integrate new data sources into your Acquisio platform, on demand. Now you can view and compare your data in the way you want to see it. Using Acquisio Links, you can:

  • Integrate data from a variety of sources, including: web analytics, call-tracking, third-party vendors, proprietary systems, and more
  • Get a big picture view of your overall online marketing performance
  • Identify hidden optimization opportunities
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with piecing together data from multiple sources

Compare and Contrast Data Elements
Acquisio Links lets you easily integrate data from a variety of sources into the Acquisio platform. There, you’ll be able to see how your overall campaign is performing and gain new insights by comparing keywords, ads, publishers, campaigns, and channels across different time periods. With Acquisio Links, it’s all of your data, all in one place.

Ready to Maximize the Value of All of Your Data?
Interested in learning how Acquisio Links can help you make the most of all of your data? Request a demo, or get in touch with your Acquisio account executive at 1-866-493-9070 for more information.