One Solution Covers Search, Display, and Social Media

Acquisio Lets You Track All Channels in a Single Platform

Tracking – Analytics – Attribution.
Track all events across search engines, social and display ads from impression to conversion. Tag and track everything from page views to conversions and make intelligent media buying decisions across all channels when you view them in one funnel.
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Search – PPC.
Seamless access to all your client accounts in Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Baidu. Improving your efficiency and maximizing your results with features like rules-based and algorithmic bid management, automated reporting and cross-engine bulk editing.
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Social Media – Facebook.
Get everything you need to buy, track, optimize and report on Facebook Social Ads with confidence. With features such as creative generation, campaign automation, reporting and optimization, you’ll be turning impressions into conversions.
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Display – Retargeting.
Never let a conversion slip through your fingers again. Get a second, third and fourth chance to remarket to search visitors who didn’t convert with access to millions of sites and billions of impressions via Google’s Ad Exchange, AdMeld/MeldX, Context Web/ADSDAQ, Rubicon, and AdECN.
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