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CT Moore (@gypsybandito) heads up inbound marketing initiatives at Socialed, a Montreal-based consultancy that specialized in digital startegy for ecommerce and B2B companies. CT has worked with both start-ups and multinational brands in the tech, entertainment, ecommerce, and travel industries, including Microsoft Canada, WatchMojo, American Apparel and Luxury Retreats. You can find out more about CT through his personal blog or LinkedIn profile. His favorite feature of the Acquisio platform is the Facebook ad tracking module.


  1. William V. says:

    Great post, CT!

    You have a point on not bothering with A/B tests that are based on guesses, but focus on what you already know your targeted buyers want. You have listed several great suggestions for improving the shopping experience on ecommerce sites, but I would like to add one more to your list.

    Speed is critical for a great shopping experience. We are all impatient when it comes to the internet and won’t hesitate to abandon the site if we have to wait an extra second for something to load. It comes as no surprise that the longer it takes a site to load, the lower the conversion rate. There are many moving parts on the server, client, and network side of things that can be optimized to reduce load time and it is impractical to attempt to conquer them all at once. Priority is really determined by how the site is set up (hosting, structure etc…), who the site is targeting (e.g. location) and the type of content the site is serving to the end users (static vs. dynamic).


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