Over the past few months, the Acquisio product and engineering teams have been working hand in hand with Google to prepare our platform for Enhanced Campaigns.
Although we’ve been ready for many weeks already, we thought it would be a good idea to reach out to you directly and provide you with all of the information you need to ensure a smooth transition to Enhanced Campaigns on the Acquisio platform.

How does Acquisio support AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

  • Acquisio is ready when you are – as soon as you’ve migrated campaigns in AdWords, our system will automatically import the changes within 24 hours – as long as the campaigns are linked to Acquisio.
  • If you let AdWords upgrade campaigns for you on (or after) July 22, they will automatically appear as Enhanced Campaigns in Acquisio.
  • All new AdWords campaigns created from Acquisio will be Enhanced Campaigns.
  • Although legacy campaigns can no longer be created, your existing legacy campaigns will continue to be editable in Acquisio until they are upgraded.
  • Although no action is required on your part, we recommend that you review the settings of any ECs that were migrated for you by AdWords to ensure that they are configured to meet your needs.
  • Acquisio Chief Scientist Bryan Minor and his team have been testing bid adjustment algorithms that promise to make Enhanced Campaigns the best thing Google has ever done for your ROI – so far the results are compelling. Our goal is to make them available to everyone before July 22.

What Enhanced Campaigns features are available on the platform?

  • A new campaign-level “Enhanced” column that allows enhanced and legacy campaigns to be distinguished.
  • Campaign-level bid adjustments for mobile device targeting
  • Mobile device ad preference to indicate which of your ads are intended for mobile
  • Acquisio’s bulk sheet import and export functionality supports Enhanced Campaigns
  • In the coming weeks, UI and bulk sheet support for ad group-level bid adjustments will be added. Until then, you can use ad group-level bid adjustments in AdWords safely, they will work as expected even though they are not managed through Acquisio at this time.
  • Note on Upgraded Ad Extensions: Along with the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, AdWords introduced upgraded ad extensions. As we’ve mentioned in prior communications, we don’t yet support upgraded ad extensions and have cautioned against using them because they will not appear in our system. Currently, migration to upgraded ad extensions is optional; however, AdWords plans a forced migration beginning September 23, 2013. While we don’t yet have a firm date for for releasing support for upgraded ad extensions, we plan to be ready well before AdWords begins the forced upgrade.

How do I Start the Migration?

Google will begin forced migration of any of your remaining legacy campaign to enhanced campaigns beginning July 22. We recommend that you start planning your migration immediately if you have not done so yet, otherwise you run the risk of losing control over how mobile campaigns are handled, which can have a negative impact on your ROI.

In order to plan the migration, Google has published multiple resources:

We strongly encourage you to follow the process outlined by Google.

However if for any reason you cannot perform the work, you need to at least make sure that all of your campaigns that target mobile devices only will stop bidding against their non-mobile counterparts. The easy solution is to set these campaigns’ end date to July 21.