Save 90% of Month-End Reporting Time with Acquisio’s Cross-Channel Reporting

Acquisio’s Reporting Makes it Easy to Save Time…and Your Sanity!

A typical analyst creates their reports using:

  • The search engines’ interfaces, like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Baidu
  • Other traffic sources, such as Facebook Social Ads
  • Web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics or Omniture Site Catalyst
  • Third-party ad servers like DoubleClick DART, or Bluestreak

Then they pull all this data into Excel and try to standardize/normalize the information so they can report intelligently. And, of course, they start it all over again every single month, and every analyst has their own way to get things done. Hence, the reports you generate vary wildly from person to person, and from month to month.

While these tools may be useful for the analyst, they are not built to supply proper reports to different levels of management with different needs. In an agency setting, you need to report to your clients, and as a digital marketer, you need to share your results with other members of your team, as well as management. You need to keep them up to date with how you managed campaigns, how well you performed against what your promised, and what your next steps are going to be.

When communicating results, there are several points that need to be addressed:

  • How different campaigns are performing
  • What the budget is being allocated to each campaign
  • How the content network is performing
  • How different channels affect one another
  • And how you are measuring up against KPIs

Imagine you had set some KPIs at the launch of a campaign with the aim of converting 3.5 sales per day. Are you reaching those goals? How close are you?

As an analyst, you will need to add in your comments and insights, interpret the data, analyze and synthesize it. In recognizing that progress reports are different from the analyst reports you create to help you do your job better, you are delivering to your clients, or your managers, the business information they need to build confidence and see value in the work you deliver.

Sample Report:

Weekly report Monthly report Social media report Final executive report
Sample Call Report


Report dashboards for internal performance reporting:

daily dashboard budget tracking dashboard Executive View Dashboard Cross Channel Performance

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