The Acquisio PPC Campaign Optimizer is designed to help you:

  • Quickly find those keywords that are contributing negatively to your results
  • Easily see the predicted effects of your changes.
  • Accept all recommendations or pick only the ones you feel are necessary

See the True Potential of Your Campaigns
If you’ve ever spent hours pouring over PPC campaign data in order to try and optimize a client account, you know how frustrating it can be not knowing what the potential results of your efforts may be. Take the stress and worry out of pay per click optimization with the Optimizer, a powerful module included as part of Acquisio.

Optimize Based on KPIs
Do you want to increase brand exposure? Branding campaigns require maximum impressions, and achieving this is as simple as choosing to maximize your impressions within the optimization module – remember that within the Google Adwords system keywords need to maintain a healthy number of clicks, as you don’t want your quality score to suffer because of a lower click through rate.

Perhaps you’re focusing your efforts more towards CPA. If you choose to minimize your cost while maintaining your conversions, you can reduce CPA without compromising the sales you are currently making from the most effective keywords in the campaign.

If you want to simply get the most traffic possible with the lowest cost, simply choose to maximize clicks, and then drag the cost slider down until you’ve found the perfect optimization level.