Because Your Time is Too Valuable

Acquisio Automates Campaign Tasks…Sensibly

Managing PPC accounts involves spending lots of time doing lots of little things. Every morning, you spend hours analyzing stats about the position, conversion, and cost of one campaign’s keywords. Done? Good. One down, 19 more to go. The Acquisio platform includes a comprehensive application for rules-based campaign management. It allows for easy creation and application of powerful rules, along with sophisticated tools to help you manage and monitor their effectiveness.

This simple and intuitive application lets you easily create rules that will go further than the common keyword bid management tool you are used to. Picture a tool that you can set to automatically pause keywords when they suck, or sends you an email when a keyword’s quality score drops. It can even set your max CPCs to a dynamic expression such as the First Page Bid price + $0.05, for example. You can do all that and so much more with Acquisio’s campaign automation tool.