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Social Media Spring Cleaning


It’s that time of the year again!

While spring technically arrived last week, most of us are only now starting to notice the first signs of grass and wildlife (and if we’re lucky some warmer temperatures).

It’s the perfect time of the year to spring clean your social media accounts.  We are sure many of your accounts have been active for a while and perhaps haven’t seen the love and care you had hoped for.  Taking a step back, re-evaluating and making a game plan for the future will only strengthen your online activities.  Go ahead, you know you want to!

Audit Current Accounts

  • Frequency of posts: This will vary depending on your company, industry and goals. However, what is important is consistency. Followers expect to receive communication from you on an on-going base. Also, when potential followers visit your social media page they want to see recent, relevant posts.
  • Quality of content: Quality should be the main focal point of your social media content strategy. However, it’s  an area where so many falter.  Social media is much more than a soap box to stand on, the content you create and share should speak to your audience.  You should be able to answer the questions “why should my followers care about this?” and “do they actually care?”
  • Images and Branding: Each social media channel, while different, should be recognizable as your organizations’.  This means that colors, logo and messaging should be in-line with your organization’s brand.  Sites are always updating their layouts and image details.  Below are a few popular social media sites and their guidelines to optimize your images.
Facebook Cover Photos:  851px wide x 315px tall
Twitter Header Photos: 1252px wide x 626px tall
Google Plus Cover Photos:  2120px wide x 1192px tall
YouTube Desktop Banner: 2560px wide x 473px tall
YouTube TV Banner: 2560px wide x 1440px tall
LinkedIn Company Page Cover Photo: 646px wide x 220px tall


  • Sign up for new ones: The online world is constantly changing and social media is no exception.  Since your last audit, there may have been new and relevant social platforms for you to get involved in.  For example, search for LinkedIn groups related to topics of interest, look into Pinterest or Instagram for business or investigate localization tools such as foursquare.

Take stock of competitors

If you haven’t started a competitor list, the time is now!  Paying attention to what is happening in your space should always include what and how your competitors are doing.  Your competitor database should include info such as Competitor Name, Website, URLs to social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), how engaging are they (Facebook posts per month, tweets per week, etc), overall messages they are trying to convey.

Facebook is rolling out a new tool called Pages to Watch.  Via the admin Page Insights (on your own Facebook page), you can add pages similar to your own and compare performance.




Setting and tracking goals is one of the most important aspects of your social media plan.  There’s no point in putting in all the effort if you can’t prove its success.  The best place to start is with your organization’s big picture goals. Is your goal to sell 1,000 shirts per month, get $10k in donations a quarter or provide 100 leads to your sales team per week?  After these questions are answered, social media’s role can be determined.

Tracking of social media interactions can happen through the platform you are using, ie Facebook Insights or through a tool such as Google Analytics which can integrate social media interactions into its platform.

Remember that goals will be different across channels and there will more than likely be multiple goals in order to cover the desires of each of your business units.


Tweak Social Media Game Plan

  • Update any bios, product descriptions, company boilerplates or mention of company executives.  While these should be done regularly, there are bound to be things that slipped through the cracks.
  • Schedule some social media time.  Daily participation in discussions, staying on top of competitor or industry news and content sharing is a million times easier if you do it on a regular basis. Schedule 15-30 mins each day to browse your feeds and engage with followers!
  • Connect with new people. Go through that stack of business cards sitting on your desk, peruse your CRM software or think back to that networking cocktail hour you attended last week.  Either way, there are sure to be lots of new people to connect with.
  • Align yourself with others in your organization. You may be the one spearheading social media participation but chances are others in your organization have great content to share or networks they can leverage.  For example, many HR departments love platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for recruiting purposes.  Posting updates about career fair presence, new job postings or to answer questions about what it is like at your organization are great ways to get them involved.

6 Tips For Using Audience Targeting

Still think LinkedIn is the only social platform for targeting businesses? Think again. All those B2B customers who say they “prefer” LinkedIn are still spending a ton of time on the book of face, and thanks to some improved targeting features it is now just as viable a platform for B2B initiatives….

Stop Being Sad and Use the Facebook Custom Audience


For us who manage complex multi-channels PPC campaigns, the Facebook custom audience is as awesome a tool as we could ask for!  It allows us to create highly targeted audiences based on specific actions or content that we actually control instead of a post written on a page by a user or some unverified information….

Will Greed Ruin Facebook Ads for Marketers?

Frustrated Caucasian businesswoman biting laptopThere has been a significant amount of buzz lately about Facebook considering a new Revenue Model which will allow users to pay for an Ad-Free Experience and that my friends will put a big wrench into the “ultra-targeting” that marketers are currently doing as part of their online strategy. Many studies have been performed which say that Facebook will make even more money from its ads just by offering to get rid of them for a price. Let’s Discuss

Facebook Ads Not Looking To Good:

According to an article entitled “Could Facebook Make More by Dumping Ads?” by, a recent study by Greenlight Digital shows that not only 70% of users almost never click on FB Ads, but users would be interested in paying a monthly fee to NOT show any ads. Here’s the snippet:

A recent study from Greenlight shows that Facebook could make even more money from its ads, by offering to get rid of them for a price. The group polled 500 people globally to see how willing they’d be to pay Facebook to not see ads. Fifteen percent responded that they’d be willing to pay a monthly fee to keep their Newsfeeds free of ads, with 8 percent saying they’d pay up to $10 per month for such a service.

“The Greenlight study also showed that 70 percent of users “rarely” or “never” click on ads on Facebook, leading Greenlight to suggest that the social media site “pace itself a little less aggressively” on allowing ads to fill up users’s Newsfeeds. Pouros noted that a similar problem killed search engine AltaVista, when Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) brought in a cleaner and more user-friendly search experience.”

In another related, yet very humorous article from, author Rachael Parker states that “What used to be a friendly place to catch up with friends, family and, yes, a few trusted brands has turned into a cacophonous Grand Central Station of advertising, my once-cozy News Feed now infested with pushy promos from companies I’ve never heard of. “

Future of Facebook Ads:

Ok, now that we are getting the sense that Facebook is turning itself into a typical Diner-Sized Paper-Mat or a Nascar Sponsorship and Users and Advertisers are starting to get very “turned off” by it. With that said, all of the Strategies of “slicing and dicing” GEO, Ages, Marital Status, Interests, Partner Categories, etc, are eventually going to be useless if FB decides to offer to allow users to pay to remove ads. Moreover, if this does happen, it will also affect any Google Display strategies which have been leveraging FB learnings.

In conclusion:

We all know that Facebook Ads is not the best-converting platform for most advertisers. Marketers have had to dissect their audiences down to micro levels to try and make the strategies work. Now, with all of the negative commentary, research and studies, Facebook Ads is starting to become obsolete and it’s now up to Facebook Execs to please their shareholders as to the next step. Perhaps, Facebook Ads was expected to be just a “Phase” or an experiment that was destined to fail because of fatigue. Whatever FB does, they need to be careful not only how much they monetize, but which people they want to annoy (shareholders or their users).

Expensive Space with a Low Budget – Consider Facebook

Facebook advertisingI’m going to paint a little scenario here: you’re a new or niche company with a smaller budget. Say maybe a software startup or a niche college program. You’re anxious to start pushing your products and programs through paid search, but find yourself facing immense competition and $20-$30-$40 CPC’s. So what should you do? Turn to Facebook!

Most marketers would tend to write off Facebook as a direct-response marketing tactic, simply because the conversion rate is usually well below that of typical search/display channels. But Facebook will often generate CPC’s in the area of a quarter or below, dropping further and further depending on your CTR. When you have a CPC that’s 99% cheaper in Facebook vs. search, you can afford to take a bit of a hit in conversion rate….

Facebook is Going Mobile

Look, we all like to take potshots at giants, and that’s the reason that Facebook gets a lot of hits from, well, almost everywhere. Whether it’s consumers who hate that the free service they’re using has to show them advertisements, or advertisers complaining about how Facebook ads don’t work, or investors losing confidence in Facebook and dropping its stock price about $20 over the last four months, one thing is certain: there are a million Davids throwing stones at this Goliath, and there always will be. I’ve even been one of them….

6 Tactics to Connect and Convert Your B2B Audience on LinkedIn

Attention B2B companies! LinkedIn isn’t just a tool to use when you want to switch jobs. Its time to leverage the world’s largest professional network, with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries, to improve your company’s credibility and increase customer acquisition.

But how do you reach the right people at the right time? How do you contribute to conversations to make your target audience want to connect with you? Building an exceptional LinkedIn following is not as daunting as it first seems. Try the following six tactics to promote your business by making quality connections….

+1 – Why Google’s Social Efforts Matter to Paid Search Marketers

Happy Friday! I’m thrilled to be contributing to the Acquisio blog. Every other week, I’ll be talking about a variety of digital marketing topics, ranging from SEO, SEM, analytics, and importantly, how to tie them all together.

Understanding Facebook Ads – Even Facebook Is Not Quite There Yet

Facebook ROIYesterday, I had the opportunity to read this really great article from eConsulstancy. In this article, a couple of top execs from Facebook are quoted with their reasons for why ROI is an irrelevant metric for measuring the success of your Facebook campaigns. These guys, as smart as they are, are incredibly close to getting the point, but they’re just not quite there yet.

Incredibly, Facebook has been doing more to hurt the image of what’s actually possible through advertising on their platform than anyone else by failing to understand that, through cross-channel attribution, one can actually measure the results of using Facebook ads as part of a larger strategy….