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Are you a complete SEM or SEO geek? Well, this section of the blog just might be for you, then. This is where we like to get theoretical and avant-garde about how search engines and search marketing are evolving. It might be just the kind of insight you need to stay ahead of the search engine marketing curve. In fact, it's this kind of forward thinking that we put into developing future versions of our PPC, Social Media, and Display advertising software.

Are You Ready for Conversational Search?


It used to be the only time I talked to my computer was to scream expletives about how long it was taking to calculate a pivot table. That’s all about to change.

It’s time to tackle the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of search marketing….

Google Will Search Plus Your World

Search Plus Your World

With search and social seemingly getting more and more tangled up in Google and Bing’s algorithms, search engine optimisers cannot ignore social media. You have to accept if you want to keep up.

For instance, Bing incorporates Facebook data into its search results. And now Google has taken a giant (and some might say taken a risky) step with the introduction of Search Plus Your World (SPYW).

What is SPYW? In a nutshell, if you are signed into your Google account, your search results will be stirred up to include content such as links, images and videos that have been shared by friends in your Google + social network. If this is new to you, you can read more on the official Google blog.

In this post, I want to talk about how this new feature will affect your search engine results……

Acquisio Presentation at TFM&A 2012



TFM&A is a superb event for the advertising and marketing industry in the UK and we at Acquisio are very happy to be involved. We look forward to you coming to visit us on stand D26 as we plan to catch up with friends old and new during the 2 day event. Acquisio is growing quickly in Europe and we will have some news and opportunities to share with you, as well as showing you the capabilities of our performance media platform and answering any questions you might have about our technology and service.

TFM&A also provides a vast range of seminars where attendees can find out about the latest trends, technologies and expertise that are powering the success of this vital industry. With keynotes from companies such as Yahoo!, SAP and Microsoft, as well as sessions from the likes of Guava and the DMA, there will be lots of valuable information shared.

I do hope that you will also be able to join me in the Search Marketing Theatre on 29th February at 3pm where I will be delving into the history of agencies and the new era of performance marketing. Taking it from the emergence of print, through advertising’s humble beginnings in the 1800′s, then on to today’s social media universe and how algorithms and data are shaping our future,  we will also be looking at the vital aspects of agency success in the world of tomorrow.

Please do contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment, or come to see us on stand D26.

Mobile Paid Search 101

In this clip, Marc Poirier Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Acquisio talks about mobile PPC and its implications for your paid search campaigns. Specifically, he looks at (1) the growth of mobile PPC, (2) what kind of advertisers it affects the most, (3) how mobile PPC ads differ from desktop PPC ads, (4) mobile landing pages, (5) how to choose mobile keywords, and (6) how to measure the success of your mobile paid search campaigns.


Moore’s Law, Golf, and Your Business Tools

In the past 50 years, golf equipment has improved tremendously. Yet despite clubs that hit the ball farther and straighter, despite the explosion of swing coaches, videos, and better training methods, the average score for a round of golf remains at around 100, where it has sat for decades.

Credit: Jeff the Trojan

The average player’s driver is capable of hitting the ball 60-70 yards farther today. Irons are more forgiving, no matter where impact is made on the clubface. Golf balls go farther with no loss of feel or spin.

My favorite advance is GPS. From this, you get the exact distance to the hole, and to the hazards. How has it helped us? Well, it helps some players remember which hole they’re playing after the beer cart has made one too many visits.

Some pros do very well by pushing the equipment rules to their limits. Unknown Matt Every began this year with a putter that resembled a black metal railway tie. Turns out the “Black Swan” putter has some pretty advanced engineering built in: the highest “putter momentum of inertia in putter history,” and a “sweet spot three balls wide”! Every led the Sony Open going into the final round, but fell back a bit, settling for a tie for sixth, and $178,062.50. A bit better than my $62.50 in lifetime golf earnings….

Acquisio and Amaze at Figaro’s Digital Marketing Conference

Following on from our Figaro Digital seminar on leveraging data in display, we were invited back along with Amaze, one of our clients, to the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference on 23rd November in London. Together, we explained more about how agencies use our performance media platform and delved deeper into how sophisticated reporting capabilities can support client’s efforts in areas such as retargeting.

Click to Visit the Video on Figaro Ditial's Site

We’ve been working with Amaze for over a year now and know just how important effective reporting is for maintaining their excellent client relationships. Making reporting quick and painless lets the agency spend more time analysing the data and advising their clients on how to further optimise results.

Getting reporting right also helps agencies focus attention on  matters such as integrating data, channels and campaigns to deliver a wealth of retargeting and attribution benefits. If you’re interested in how you can drive display success through incorporating search data, or whether to approach attribution modelling from an equal weighting or recency model, this presentation will help.

Take a look at the video on Figaro Digital’s site to find out more.

Performance Predictions for 2012 in iMedia Connection

When iMedia Connection asked us recently to provide a few ideas about what performance marketing would look like in 2012, we naturally jumped at the chance. It is one of the most, vibrant, productive and effective sectors of the marketing mix and therefore one where we expect to see some key developments this coming year.

The article is called What to look forward to in 2012, and here’s an excerpt about the state of play in search, one of the most important facets of performance media:

Today’s search marketing capabilities and results have effectively commoditised this marketing channel. For some years now, none of us have worked with a brand that would not benefit from including search in their marketing efforts. This maturation has however meant that the returns achievable by agencies are diminishing, regardless of the continued innovation and efforts in the channel and thus, agencies are struggling further to monetise their services in this space….

The Digital Marketing Evolution (video)

Wanted to share with everyone an excellent video put together by Meditative, one of the largest integrated digital marketing companies in North America. The video, called “From Ad Men to Math Men” shows how the industry has evolved over the years and does a great job of explaining the realities of digital marketing in an entertaining yet informative way and in less time than it would take you to read the entire Digital Marketing entry on Wikipedia!

If you’ve ever wanted a good overview on digital marketing, spend a few minutes watching the video. It provides easy-to-follow information against the backdrop of clever animation and a great old-timey soundtrack—definitely worth checking out!

Ted Talks about Leveraging Search Data in Display

Last week, Acquisio’s EMEA Manager Ted Paul-Cavallier gave a brief presentation at a Figaro Digital UK seminar talking about how to leverage your search data to make better decisions about display…and it was caught on tape!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the benefits of ad exchanges, the power of retargeting, or you simply want to know how Acquisio was able to increase its own lead volume by 50% while decreasing our cost per acquisition by 20% in the first week, you’ll want to check out Ted’s presentation.

2010: When the Searching Part of Finding Things Becomes Obsolete

Okay so it’s 2010 and I think I’m finally officially allowed to be pissed at the future. I don’t care so much about flying cars (I live in Montreal, the drivers here would make anybody fear the age of flying cars), but the Christmas shopping experience I just went through was thoroughly and pitifully outdated.