In his latest Search Engine Watch instalment entitled Integrating SEO & PPC: 3 Areas to Explore, Adam Audette brilliantly discusses some of the dynamics that take place in the minds of searchers when confronted with the option of clicking on a paid or organic listing.

As the marketing industry continues to spend more and more online, understanding the dynamics of all channels will become essential for success, but the question remains "how do we do this" - indeed, why give more credit to one channel over another without any data to back it up (i.e. what happens when people are exposed to an ad and convert later without clicking said ad? Does it deserve credit? How much credit? and how do you prove that the model works?

The same logic applies to paid search and organic search, how do we know we are spending too much money on brand keywords? And should we develop those long tail queries that don't convert that well?

I expect to see some real solutions to these problems start emerging over the next few years, all this new money moving online will force us to become more disciplined, and stop managing in silos. At least, that's what I hope to see.