Top Reasons Why You Should Never Drink And Manage Adwords Simultaneously

Drunk Man in Christmas Santa Hat holding DrinkIn the spirit of the Holidays, I have prepared a post that pokes a little fun about knocking back a few Eggnogs while working in PPC account. Have you ever found yourself working from home on a Friday afternoon with your eyes tired of looking at the same Data amongst different clients and feel the need to crab a cold one? Well, before you reach for that beer or Cabernet, you might want to think twice because its pretty easy to get a little side tracked, especially if you have many diverse clients with similar keyword segments listed under your client center.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why you should have a Drink afterwards:…

PPC for Consideration, Part 2 of the Top-to-Bottom Strategy Series

Last month, I shared how marketers can use paid search to reach prospects in the awareness phase of the buyer’s journey, also known the top of the marketing funnel. Now we’re going to dive into the middle of the funnel: the consideration phase.

ppc-top-to-bottom  Image credit: Forrester Research Blog…

How do Ad Extensions Affect Ad Rank?

ad-rank-changesGoogle recently announced a major change to their Ad Rank equation. Ad Rank had been calculated by your bid and Quality Score in the past. Now, Google will factor in the expected performance of your ad extensions.

A brief history of recent Ad Rank changes

This isn’t the first time Google has made changes to the Ad Rank equation. Just two years ago, they announced a new bidding ability, bid-per-call, and that it would also be factored into Ad Rank. Many people within the search industry were in an uproar after this announcement since not all advertisers focus on calls leading some to believe they would be at a disadvantage. However, this feature was deprecated after just over year….

Layering Display & Re-marketing – Put Context First


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I think I’d be the first to admit that I love wasting time on the internet. The number of hours I’ve spent (and carpal tunnel induced) playing Cookie Clicker and the Helicopter Game is borderline sickening. What’s even more sickening is how much money developers of those games have probably made from accidental or non-converting display ad clicks….

Tips on How to Control Affiliate Marketers from Destroying Your PPC Performance

PPC and Affiliate MarketingMany companies have multiple online advertising channels running as the same time. The goal of this is to drive sales, reinforce brand awareness and harness returning visitors and lifetime customers to their offering. However, over time it becomes more and more difficult to try and manage each and every channel to prevent overlapping. This cannot be more evident when it comes to Affiliate Marketing and PPC.

I have not only heard the horror stories, I have lived them personally, and it’s a major pain in the arse that needs to be handled very delicately. When a client has an Affiliate Program along with their own PPC Strategy, it’s imperative to create redefined rules to ensure whether running both strategies makes business sense….

PPC for Awareness, Part 1 of the Top-to-Bottom Strategy Series

As digital marketers, we have a wealth of data at our disposal, affording us the ability to measure our successes and failures in real-time. With the ability to measure, track and chart our performance, though, comes a tendency to hone in on the things that can be measured, tracked and charted. That can lead to a tunnel-vision focus on conversion. While conversion is typically the end goal of a digital marketing program, it can be easy to forget that it is the end goal. Even in conversion-driven tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it’s important to reach consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey, starting long before conversion.

Your prospects’ journey to conversion probably looks something like this:


Tracking Conversions Across Devices with Google AdWords

enhanced-campaigns-tracking-multiple-browsersWith enhanced campaigns, Google promised advertisers many interesting features for tracking offline conversions such as visits to stores and even purchases made in store. These will all eventually be part of Google AdWords’ new offering, Estimated Total Conversions. Some of these seemed unfeasible at that time, and still do, but it’s Google so we’ll see what they develop. In the meantime, let’s focus on their first step with Estimated Total Conversion s– cross-device conversions….

Putting Marketing Back in SEM

ad-overloadGoogle is a publicly traded company. Publicly traded companies, for better or worse, are judged by their ability to grow, and grow consistently at that. Google’s core product (search) already has the lion’s share of the market across the world; aside from their insane expansions into driverless cars and dust-powered wireless internet and phones, the majority of revenue still comes from AdWords….

Three New AdWords Conversion Tracking Features

AdWords tracking features update

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Google AdWords has quickly (and quietly) released three new features and abilities to their conversion tracking over the last month, all of which give advertisers more flexibility to the data they’re analyzing. From choosing how long to attribute conversions back to a paid campaign to tracking conversions between multiple accounts, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a quick look at each one….