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Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t enough for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

October 5, 2015 Dror Zaifman Digital Marketing for Beginners, Featured, Keywords, Optimization, PPC Marketing, Search Engines, SEM, SEO 1 Comment

adwords keyword research

It used to be that only PPC specialists or marketers running SEO cared about performing keyword research for digital marketing campaigns, but today nearly everyone in digital marketing needs to know how to research keywords. Keywords are more than just SEO When a blogger needs to know what terms are...

How PPC Data Can Align Your SEO Strategy

August 29, 2014 Jason Parks SEO No Comments

seo and ppc comparison

According to Forbes, many businesses are torn between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Instead of debating whether to invest in organic or paid search, why not leverage the two different forms of online marketing for your benefit? Implementing a PPC campaign can actually help you put together...

Five Tips for Managing SEO Accounts

October 12, 2012 Lee Goldberg Acquisio Scoop, SEO No Comments


As search marketers, we have a lot to deal with - New keywords, bid adjustments, creating ads, managing landing pages and conversion codes, and preparing reports, just to name a few of our tasks. While it would be unfair to characterize any of these tasks as easy, per se, they...

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