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Digital Advertising Industry Updates – Blink and You’ll Miss Them!

October 14, 2016 John Lee AdWords Updates, Bing Updates, Display Advertising, Publishers, SEM, Social Media No Comments

Digital Advertising Industry Updates

The final week of September was the annual celebration of all things advertising with AdWeek in NYC. Big players in advertising use this time to make big splashy announcements. For the 2nd straight year, Google stole the spotlight with announcements for new AdWords features (in 2015 they announced customer match...

Windows 10 May Be Everything We Need

June 8, 2015 David McIninch Publishers No Comments


Microsoft has made some big announcements and promises regarding Windows 10. Just last week it was announced that Microsoft would make a Cortana app for iOS and Android phones later this year and as early as June for Android. This Phone Companion app with Windows 10 is designed to help sync...

Putting Marketing Back in SEM

October 9, 2013 Aaron Levy Publishers No Comments


Google is a publicly traded company. Publicly traded companies, for better or worse, are judged by their ability to grow, and grow consistently at that. Google’s core product (search) already has the lion’s share of the market across the world; aside from their insane expansions into driverless cars and dust-powered...

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