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Acquisio Introduces Promote, an All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

November 4, 2015 Sebastien Provencher Digital Marketing for Beginners, Local, Mobile, PPC Marketing, SEM 19 Comments


I’m happy to announce the launch of Acquisio Promote, an all-in-one digital marketing solution for local businesses in need of a digital presence and new customer generation. Why We Created Promote People who have been following my career know that I deeply care about helping local businesses leverage digital marketing...

How to Get Mobile Conversions to Match Desktop

April 10, 2015 Jillian Zacchia Mobile No Comments

get mobile conversions to match desktop

If you’re having trouble ramping up mobile conversions, there may be a few steps you’ve missed when setting up your mobile landing pages. You likely know the basics – either make your webpage responsive or make a unique mobile site – and it’s just logical to keep your mobile webpage...

How to Set Better Bid Modifiers to Boost Performance

April 8, 2015 Aaron Levy Mobile No Comments

online shopping set better bids to boost performance

Mobile consumers are fundamentally different from desktop and tablet consumers. Have you ever tried to read a long form post on a mobile device? It sucks! Entering your whole credit card number? Impossible! What that means is users will start their research or attack an immediate need on their phones,...

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