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Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t enough for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

October 5, 2015 Dror Zaifman Digital Marketing for Beginners, Featured, Keywords, Optimization, PPC Marketing, Search Engines, SEM, SEO 1 Comment

adwords keyword research

It used to be that only PPC specialists or marketers running SEO cared about performing keyword research for digital marketing campaigns, but today nearly everyone in digital marketing needs to know how to research keywords. Keywords are more than just SEO When a blogger needs to know what terms are...

How To Set-Up Keyword Insertion For Google PPC Campaigns

March 16, 2015 Jason Parks Keywords No Comments

adwords dynamic keyword insertion

Online advertising is a field that can keep marketers awake at night contemplating whether or not they made the right decision when running a pay-per-click campaign. Choosing the right match type, advertising copy, keywords, correlating landing page and achieving an ideal quality score can be a lot to envision. Don’t...

Modified Expanded Broad Match and More

October 26, 2010 Acquisio Admin Keywords No Comments

Is it just me or is everything getting MUCH more complicated? Match types have been a pretty basic element in paid search of late. Other than the seemingly relentless creeping range of broad match over the last few years, and the occasional confusion over session-based broad match, there wasn't much...

The Waste Inside Your PPC Keywords

August 26, 2010 Acquisio Admin Keywords No Comments

The more I work with our new Keyword Zoom feature the stronger my belief in query mining becomes. I've always known keywords were a trick, a distraction, and the wrong way to think about success or failure in PPC. Now that trick has been exposed and specific action can be...

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