Sign When iMedia Connection asked us recently to provide a few ideas about what performance marketing would look like in 2012, we naturally jumped at the chance. It is one of the most, vibrant, productive and effective sectors of the marketing mix and therefore one where we expect to see some key developments this coming year. What to look forward to in 2012, and here’s an excerpt about the state of play in search, one of the most important facets of performance media:

Today's search marketing capabilities and results have effectively commoditised this marketing channel. For some years now, none of us have worked with a brand that would not benefit from including search in their marketing efforts. This maturation has however meant that the returns achievable by agencies are diminishing, regardless of the continued innovation and efforts in the channel and thus, agencies are struggling further to monetise their services in this space.

We also referenced mobile, a topic we’ve already covered in some depth on the Acquisio blog this year:

Another hot topic that we keep coming back to is mobile. As a marketing channel, mobile seems to have topped the prediction lists all too frequently over the last decade. Consumer adoption has certainly been assured for some time now and with the continued advance of mobile internet capabilities and devices this is set to grow still further, yet marketing adoption has lagged behind. We do however believe that 2012 will be the year that changes.

For more on our predictions for the year, check out the full article at iMedia UK and do let us know how you think the year will shape up in your market – we’d love to hear your thoughts.