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Marc Poirier is Co-Founder and EVP.Acquisio. He is also an accomplished speaker who speaks on topics ranging from performance marketing to agency issues at events such as SES, SMX, Ad:Tech, iMedia Summit, TFM&A and OMMA. Marc also writes columns for various publications, including Search Engine Watch, Visibility Magazine, and SES Magazine. In his spare time, he loves putting worms on hooks and catching fish. You can follow him on twitter @marcpoirier and on LinkedIn.

Online Advertising Changes – Can We Keep Up?

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There’s no doubt that online advertising is changing, and at a rapid pace. Those of us who have been around for a while can marvel at these changes, and even those who have only been at it for the last couple of years are sure to be aware of the many technological advancements that are being made in online advertising. The challenge for all of us is to keep up with all of the changes in order to be able to create well-rounded marketing campaigns, making the best use of all the technology that’s available to us….

Ten Highlights From Acquisio’s Ten Years

10-years-acquisioIt’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since we first had the idea to change the world of PPC. For those of us who have been on board since the beginning, it seems like it was just yesterday when we first started talking about doing this, and we have created lifelong-lasting memories along the way.

The company has changed so much over that period – in the beginning, we were a 10-person agency, but after 5 years, we sold the agency business, raised some money and focused exclusively on building software to help digital agencies improve their SEM operations and deliver better results to their clients.

Since the beginning we have added some amazing people to the Acquisio team, and we’re amazed every single day by the knowledge and professionalism displayed by our co-workers.

Along the way there have been some fun events, some things that happened that have been significant in the growth of our platform, and some amazing developments. So sit back, relax, and enjoy 10 of the highlights from Acquisio’s last 10 years.

Online Marketing Predictions for 2013

2013 marketing predictionsMuch of what we do as marketers is speculation. The difference between what we do online, and what, say, people who speculate on pork belly futures do, can be adjusted as to adapt to the almost immediate response from our audiences.

And, when we look forward into the future, we can use, not just a crystal ball, but look at what networks are doing with their Terms and Conditions, recent acquisitions, and forward momentum.

With that in mind, my team and I have assembled three predictions for 2013 that we believe will not just come true, but will also prove to be very valuable for marketers.

Manage Google Display Network Campaigns like a Cruise Missile

We did it again. We saw something we loved, and we just had to get a hold it for our clients. This time, we acquired ScienceOps – a small and beautiful company from Mount Vernon, Washington, just north of Seattle. Besides building algorithms for DARPA and NASA (seriously), over the past few years the rocket scientists at ScienceOps have been building the only optimization platform solely dedicated to increasing conversions and suppressing CPA for the Google Display Network – AdMetrica®. And boy does that thing ever work!

Google Breaks Down Quality Score – Opportunity for Automation and Alerts?

I just finished reading another excellent blog post by Andrew Goodman from Page Zero Media

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that apparently, a few days ago Google, announced they will implement a new way to report on Quality Score by breaking it down into 3 components: Expected CTR, Ad Creative, and Landing Page Quality.

This has been a long time coming, and the implications for Acquisio and our customers are far reaching – finally advertisers will have direct feedback on which part of their ad strategy is causing issues with quality score, which as you probably know is an important determinant for success – including the price paid for clicks.

Imagine preparing a new campaign and learning ahead of time that your expected CTR will be lower than average for specific keywords? Or that your landing page quality for specific ads is below average? So many headaches avoided.

I can’t wait to design new campaign rules and alerts to help you take full advantage of this new data in AdWords.


Acquisio User Summit 2012

So what does poutine, smoked meat, the best bagels, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Acquisio have in common? Well, they all call Montreal home.

And in this episode, I want to talk about all these things, and how this summer, Acquisio will be holding the first ever Acquisio User Summit this summer (June 28-29) right in the middle of the Montreal Jazz Festival. We’ll be bringing in speakers from all over the industry and they’ll be two tracks:

  • a business track for executives & managers looking to increase the efficiency and profitability of their agency
  • a practioner track to help Acquisio users get the most out of the platform

We’ll also be planning a number of other events to show off the best the city has to offer. Of course, spaces are limited, so you should register now to get in on our group hotel rate — because booking a room during the Jazz Fest can be next to impossible.


Mobile Paid Search 101

In this clip, Marc Poirier Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Acquisio talks about mobile PPC and its implications for your paid search campaigns. Specifically, he looks at (1) the growth of mobile PPC, (2) what kind of advertisers it affects the most, (3) how mobile PPC ads differ from desktop PPC ads, (4) mobile landing pages, (5) how to choose mobile keywords, and (6) how to measure the success of your mobile paid search campaigns.


Acquisio Acquires ClickEquations from Channel Intelligence

Transaction Launches Strategic Alliance to Expand and Strengthen E-commerce Offerings for Both Companies

Performance media platform Acquisio announced today that it has acquired the ClickEquations search marketing platform from, and entered into a strategic alliance with marketing technologies company Channel Intelligence (CI).

Acquisio will now manage the operations and delivery of the ClickEquations brand of search marketing platform services. Integration of the ClickEquations intelligent search solution with Acquisio’s media platform will enhance the company’s search marketing and advertising service offerings with the addition of many unique features and powerful tools that were designed for search marketing experts.

Beyond the acquisition, a strategic alliance was also created in which clients of both companies will benefit from combined e-commerce solutions that represent a vast improvement in terms of key functionality, expanded feature sets and improved service levels.

Acquisio’s clients will further leverage the strategic partnership for their clients by expanding its platform for agencies with the support of CI Shopping Engines and CI Product Search solutions.

Channel Intelligence will leverage the search, social and display advertising services from Acquisio to further enhance their CI Product Search offering.

Martin Le Sauteur, CEO of Acquisio, is excited about what the strategic alliance means for clients, as well as the e-commerce industry. “Acquisio accelerates our momentum with the Channel Intelligence strategic alliance. It allows us to rapidly expand our service offerings to better meet the needs of our clients with search marketing, shopping engines and product search. We eagerly look forward to future announcements regarding enhancements and new services resulting from this alliance,” said Le Sauteur.

Channel Intelligence CEO and co-founder Rob Wight said, “The alliance between Channel Intelligence and Acquisio is powerful. It is a one-two punch. The clients of both companies will reap benefit from performance marketing powered by Acquisio combined with shopping engines and product search powered by CI.”

As a result of the alliance, Acquisio will immediately begin work on integrating some of the search-focused functionality currently available on the ClickEquations platform. ClickEquations clients will now be managed and supported by Acquisio and will have access to all Acquisio services.

“We’re excited to welcome the ClickEquations clients to the Acquisio family and look forward to helping them make the most out of the new Acquisio functionality that will be available to them,” said Marc Poirier, co-founder and CMO of Acquisio.

About Channel Intelligence
Relied on by leading companies such as Best Buy, Target, Neiman Marcus, HP, Philips and Kimberly-Clark, Channel Intelligence (CI) helps manufacturers, retailers and agencies sell more products and outperform online. Founded in 1999, CI now tracks nearly 15 percent of online transactions in the United States and drives $2B annually in referred sales for their partner companies within computing, home improvement, appliances, consumer electronics, toys and a variety of other consumer packaged goods. The company’s leading CI Boost services suite includes: Where-to-Buy, Product Search, Paid Search, Shopping Engines, and Marketplaces. CI is a multinational e-commerce company with offices in Orlando, Fla., Scottsdale, Ariz., London and Shanghai. CI is a partner company of ICG (Nasdaq: ICGE) and Aweida Capital Management. Learn more at

About Acquisio
The leading performance media platform for agencies, Acquisio helps agency marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget, and report on media across all channels—including search, display, and social media.

Acquisio provides the industry-leading technology for agencies buying ads on any online channel, allowing them to handle all tasks associated with performance advertising, from ad purchase through conversion tracking and beyond, within a single integrated platform. Unlike other solutions, Acquisio hosts its own third-party ad server and employs a single tracking functionality across channels, allowing agency marketers unparalleled conversion and revenue attribution modeling and reporting capabilities.

With more than 4,000 users and 9,500 brands under its management, Acquisio is the multi-channel marketing solution preferred by the world’s leading advertising, marketing, and SEM agencies. Agency clients include large agency holdings such as WPP, Omnicom, IPG and Publicis; as well as some of the world’s most recognized performance media companies such as Amaze, Bertelsmann, Cossette, DAC Group, Guava, iProspect, Isobar, Media Experts, NetBooster, PhD, and Yellow Pages Group.

Acquisio was recently named the 46th fastest growing company in the 2011 Deloitte North American Technology Fast 500 and the 9th fastest growing technology in Canada in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec with offices in Seattle and London. For more information, visit

Why agencies need performance marketing

I spoke on the critical role agencies increasingly have to play when it comes to performance media at iMedia Agency Summit in Arizona a couple weeks ago. It’s a huge opportunity and it’s happening now. iMedia Connection wrote a good summary of the presentation in case you missed it. It’s like a sweet Cliff ‘s Notes version of my talk. Thanks Gretchen!

To read the article: iMedia Connection: – Why agencies need performance marketing.

Bref. Je travaille chez Touché! PHD (en français!)

Bref. Je travaille chez Touché! PHD – YouTube.

This made me laugh – featuring our infamous t-shirt, our friends at Touche! PHD in Montreal put together this brilliant video illustrating a day in the life of a media planner at PHD. Yes, they speak French… désolé! :-)