About John Lee

John is an internet marketing jack-of-all-trades with expertise in PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. Working in the search marketing industry since 2006, John has perfected his PPC and analytics skills for his role at Clix Marketing. John is also an avid blogger, and has been featured on the Clix Marketing blog, Search Engine Watch, Wordstream Blog, PPC Hero, SEO Boy and Website Magazine. Before Clix, John was the PPC Manager for Wordstream and a Search Marketing Consultant for Hanapin Marketing.
His favorite part of the Acquisio platform is automated reporting.

New to Online Marketing? Walk Before You Run

New to marketingThroughout my career, I have reviewed countless PPC, display and social media advertising campaigns and often come away completely shocked. How could that campaign have been launched in its current state? How can you justify spending so much money without conversion or revenue tracking? Did NO ONE review this campaign?!?! After I pick my jaw up from the floor, I am forced to remind myself that not everyone lives and breathes online marketing like I do. For many, the flaws and oversights that I find are merely a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

So, if you are green to the world of PPC, display, and social advertising, my recommendation to you is to “tread lightly.” While I don’t say that with the malice and foreboding that Walter White did on this season’s Breaking Bad premiere, I do mean it. If you can’t afford to hire an experienced marketing manager or partner with a qualified agency, then approaching your campaigns with caution is a must. Here are some tips to help you walk before you run….

5 Dirty Little Secrets about AdWords Conversion Optimizer

shhWhen most advertisers discuss Google AdWords’ Conversion Optimizer, they speak highly of the tool. What is there not to like about a simple bid automation utility that can easily help you reach your CPA goals? On the surface, not much. However, if you dig a little bit deeper you will find plenty of reasons to more carefully consider the use of Conversion Optimizer. Here are 5 dirty little secrets to make you think twice. …

How to Manage Enterprise PPC without Going Crazy

Manage enterprise PPC without going crazyWe can all admit it. PPC is hard enough for the average advertiser. But what happens when you manage PPC for large enterprise? Well, unique challenges arise. You may have points of contact distributed around the U.S., Canada, the world, etc. Each branch (location, affiliate, call it what you will) may come to the table with differing budgets/goals or even branch-specific promotions/activities. But centralizing management of PPC at the enterprise level has many advantages – consistent brand messaging, guarantee of quality of management and even the distribution of “shared knowledge” across all branches. …

Google AdWords’ Dirty Little Secret: U.S. Zip Code Targeting Sucks

adwords zip code geotargetingBack in April Google made the announcement that it would finally be possible to geo-target your PPC campaigns by zip code in the U.S. The lack of zip code targeting has been a glaring omission for AdWords for years. So, it was greeted with the “oohs” and “ahhs” and sighs of relief that typically accompany AdWords announcements. The problem is that Google has been particularly quiet about the unfortunate details and limitations that make U.S. zip code targeting suck….