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Greg is a well-versed Internet Marketing Expert who has helped companies both large and small achieve success in Search Engine Marketing through proven strategies and effective implementation. Since 2004 he shifted his focus to Search Engine Marketing Industry, especially Pay-Per-Click- Marketing, where he has helped both Fortune 500 companies, as well as Start-Ups to improve branding, increase online and offline revenues, cut costs and succeed online.

Most recently, he founded AfterClicks Interactive, a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Firm that provides Advertisers, as well as Digital Agencies, with Professional PPC Marketing Services geared to maximizing their return on investment. AfterClicks leverage all search marketing platforms, technologies and industry best practices backed by proven strategies that are based on the client’s goals and objectives.

Greg specializes in:
- Pay-Per-Click Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization
- Landing Page Optimization
- Web Analytics

Greg's favorite feature of the Acquisio software is the customized reporting options.

Top Reasons Why You Should Never Drink And Manage Adwords Simultaneously

Drunk Man in Christmas Santa Hat holding DrinkIn the spirit of the Holidays, I have prepared a post that pokes a little fun about knocking back a few Eggnogs while working in PPC account. Have you ever found yourself working from home on a Friday afternoon with your eyes tired of looking at the same Data amongst different clients and feel the need to crab a cold one? Well, before you reach for that beer or Cabernet, you might want to think twice because its pretty easy to get a little side tracked, especially if you have many diverse clients with similar keyword segments listed under your client center.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why you should have a Drink afterwards:…

Tips on How to Control Affiliate Marketers from Destroying Your PPC Performance

PPC and Affiliate MarketingMany companies have multiple online advertising channels running as the same time. The goal of this is to drive sales, reinforce brand awareness and harness returning visitors and lifetime customers to their offering. However, over time it becomes more and more difficult to try and manage each and every channel to prevent overlapping. This cannot be more evident when it comes to Affiliate Marketing and PPC.

I have not only heard the horror stories, I have lived them personally, and it’s a major pain in the arse that needs to be handled very delicately. When a client has an Affiliate Program along with their own PPC Strategy, it’s imperative to create redefined rules to ensure whether running both strategies makes business sense….

8 Ways to Lose a Client in PPC Marketing

iStock_000019163711XSmallWhether you’re working at a PPC Agency or running your own, there will be good and bad experiences, lessons learned and constant tweaking of your scope of services as new platforms emerge. No matter what happens, one thing stays the same and that is doing good business. In this post, I will highlight on some of the mistakes that can happen not only with signing a new client, but also building trust and success with that client….

Will Greed Ruin Facebook Ads for Marketers?

Frustrated Caucasian businesswoman biting laptopThere has been a significant amount of buzz lately about Facebook considering a new Revenue Model which will allow users to pay for an Ad-Free Experience and that my friends will put a big wrench into the “ultra-targeting” that marketers are currently doing as part of their online strategy. Many studies have been performed which say that Facebook will make even more money from its ads just by offering to get rid of them for a price. Let’s Discuss

Facebook Ads Not Looking To Good:

According to an article entitled “Could Facebook Make More by Dumping Ads?” by wallstcheatsheet.com, a recent study by Greenlight Digital shows that not only 70% of users almost never click on FB Ads, but users would be interested in paying a monthly fee to NOT show any ads. Here’s the snippet:

A recent study from Greenlight shows that Facebook could make even more money from its ads, by offering to get rid of them for a price. The group polled 500 people globally to see how willing they’d be to pay Facebook to not see ads. Fifteen percent responded that they’d be willing to pay a monthly fee to keep their Newsfeeds free of ads, with 8 percent saying they’d pay up to $10 per month for such a service.

“The Greenlight study also showed that 70 percent of users “rarely” or “never” click on ads on Facebook, leading Greenlight to suggest that the social media site “pace itself a little less aggressively” on allowing ads to fill up users’s Newsfeeds. Pouros noted that a similar problem killed search engine AltaVista, when Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) brought in a cleaner and more user-friendly search experience.”

In another related, yet very humorous article from Business2community.com, author Rachael Parker states that “What used to be a friendly place to catch up with friends, family and, yes, a few trusted brands has turned into a cacophonous Grand Central Station of advertising, my once-cozy News Feed now infested with pushy promos from companies I’ve never heard of. “

Future of Facebook Ads:

Ok, now that we are getting the sense that Facebook is turning itself into a typical Diner-Sized Paper-Mat or a Nascar Sponsorship and Users and Advertisers are starting to get very “turned off” by it. With that said, all of the Strategies of “slicing and dicing” GEO, Ages, Marital Status, Interests, Partner Categories, etc, are eventually going to be useless if FB decides to offer to allow users to pay to remove ads. Moreover, if this does happen, it will also affect any Google Display strategies which have been leveraging FB learnings.

In conclusion:

We all know that Facebook Ads is not the best-converting platform for most advertisers. Marketers have had to dissect their audiences down to micro levels to try and make the strategies work. Now, with all of the negative commentary, research and studies, Facebook Ads is starting to become obsolete and it’s now up to Facebook Execs to please their shareholders as to the next step. Perhaps, Facebook Ads was expected to be just a “Phase” or an experiment that was destined to fail because of fatigue. Whatever FB does, they need to be careful not only how much they monetize, but which people they want to annoy (shareholders or their users).

Have Your PPC Campaigns Looked In The Mirror Lately?

Figuring out the Campaign Structure of any account is most likely one of the most important tactics in PPC. It represents the overall strategy from a high level as well an “in the weeds” perspective. However, there are many different expert opinions on what makes up an effective campaign and Adgroup structure, and the purpose of this post is to present an independent view on the “blocking and tackling” tactics approach to this. Let’s discuss….

Are Sitelinks Morphing into Tiny Landing Pages for Searchers?

The first thing that comes to mind when I see Google’s example of the latest enhanced Sitelinks, it reminds me of typical Landing Page Optimization techniques. I know this is a stretch, but all of this customization being allowed for Advertisers is creating a much more persuasive representation of their business’s identity. I mean, who woulda thunk it that sitelinks would become such as focus of enhancement at Google. Yes, it’s an additional source of $$$ to take from advertisers, however the recent upgrade announced by Google will allow advertisers to add specific text for sitelink descriptions which will change this dominant piece of PPC real estate. This latest upgrade may not sound like much, but from my perspective, this is a HUGE improvement and will force Advertisers to re-think their sitelink strategies….

Strategy Tips to Overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue

Businessman Asleep At His ComputerIf there is one thing about Facebook Ads that is a constant battle to overcome, it’s dealing with Ad Fatigue. With all of the targeting options with Facebook Ads, advertisers can either FAIL miserably, or find a few “goldmines” that can allow for a much more robust strategy. In this post, I will discuss strategies that will limit the amount of Ad Fatigue over time as well as learning from all of the “slicing and dicing” of the data….

What PPC Marketers Can Learn From Jerry Maguire

ppc-marketersOne of the benefits of being a PPC Marketer is the opportunity to constantly educate ourselves with a clients products or services that they are trying to advertise. Maybe after a few beers it might be compared to an Actor, who in getting ready for a new role, needs to be trained in Finance for 10 weeks so that they can understand what the hell they are saying. Joking aside, putting more investment into the clients business can definitely provide an “edge”.

Let’s Face the facts. When a company hires a PPC Agency or “In-House” marketer, they expect some level of “Interest” into their business to help drive success. It is this expectation that whomever they hire, they want them to be as passionate as they are. However, once reality sets in, that is not such an easy task. This is especially true for PPC agencies that simply do not have the bandwidth to be that intimate with the client. This conundrum kinda reminds me of the movie Jerry McGuire where in his mission statement, it mentions. “Personal Relationship, Less Clients, more attention, etc” Now of course, even though we are not Sports Agents, it does resonate on the effectiveness of PPC Strategies, successes and relationships….

Weathering The PPC Strategy: How Effective Is It?

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 11.44.49 AMFor many years, marketers have noticed trends in overall PPC performance fluctuate around the weather. For example, if the entire East Coast is under a Hurricane Warning, realistically people are more concerned about their “offline” world, than doing a Google Search on the best new BluRay player. However, the idea of targeting people based on weather conditions seems a little far-fetched, it does open a window of opportunity for Testing. There is a company based in the UK named WeatherFIT, that is taking this idea to the next level. In this post, I will discuss how WeatherFit works as well as who might best benefit from it….

Is Twitter’s New Charitable Offering Worth it for Nonprofits?

you can helpSupporting and giving time and money to Nonprofit organizations is a wonderful privilege for both Individuals and Companies alike. Google Giving, Salesforce Foundation, Vertical Response, and other companies are changing the world by giving nonprofits the ability to build awareness and increasing volunteering and funding. Furthermore, with all that these companies are giving back to society, they are also looking for ways to get tax breaks, especially at the local level. According to a recent article by CNBC entitled “Twitter May Get Tax Break for Giving Away Promoted Tweets“, writer by Cadie Thompson states: “Twitter, along with other tech companies in San Francisco, may receive local tax breaks for agreeing to give “charitable contributions” that in Twitter’s case includes giving away promoted tweets to local organizations and volunteering.”

So What is Twitter Giving Away for Tax breaks?

According to the contract, Twitter will offer the following

  • $60,000 worth of credit in the form of promoted tweets to nonprofits in the neighborhood
  • Committed to purchasing a minimum of $200,000 worth of goods and services from local businesses.
  • Donate no less than $50,000 worth of computers and other IT equipment to local schools and nonprofits
  • Offer pro bono legal assistance neighborhood residents
  • Participate in other local volunteer programs.

Can Nonprofits Really Benefit from Twitter?

Typically speaking, donating resources is always a terrific thing. However, from my PPC Marketing perspective, this offer from Twitter sounds promising, but it could be a tough sale for Nonprofits. Let’s take Google Grants/Giving for example: Google gives away at least $10,000/month of free advertising to qualified Nonprofits. However, for this to be successful, it requires someone to manage it and optimize it so they can get both recurring and increased monthly funding from Google. 501(c)(3) Organization, who are often under-staffed, must also have Analytics Tracking, Online Payment Solutions and constant Marketing Strategies to keep the interest flowing. Finding Donors and Volunteers can be a very exhaustive process in the online world, especially through outlets such as Twitter.

In Conclusion:

Tech Companies who are giving back to Nonprofits deserve to be congratulated because not all Companies are willing to do so. As someone who has helped Nonprofits in the past with Online Marketing and managing all of these great services from Google & Salesforce, I often see a breakdown in Nonprofits who are not getting the most out of them. This is mostly due to the limited staffing, lack of knowledge and, frankly, cost. The best thing PPC Marketing and Online Marketers can do is to “Give back” to nonprofits and educate the teams on what is available to them.  For example, the great people at Seer Interactive, based in Philadelphia, PA have made an enormous impact in their community.