About Emmanuel Begouen

Emmanuel Begouen is a Search Engine expert with more than 14 years experience in the Interactive Marketing domain. He worked as Search Director in major agencies in Montreal, including Bell Web Solutions, NetWorldMedia and Mediative.

For Acquisio, he started as Director, Professional Services, managing a team of experts who supported dozens of SEM agencies with their campaign management activities and strategies. As a Strategic Account Manager now, he covers the most important clients of the EMEA zone.

Bid Management: You Make the Rules

Dear Diary...

If you manage online campaigns, you’re probably overwhelmed by the daily manual labor required to manage campaigns properly. Campaign managers often spend over one third of their time on tedious tasks such as bid management or keyword performance monitoring.

Lucky you!

Many tools are now available on the market that can help you automatically change the main parameters of your campaigns (keywords, bids, ad texts, positions or even landing pages) according to precise rules (that you set according to your goals and objectives). This frees up some of your time which will be better spent on developing improved strategy, text ads, and landing pages.

Adwords has developed their Automated Rules, and the main vendors in Campaign Management (Acquisio, Marin, etc.) propose some very interesting PPC Automation Tools. The goal of this post is not to analyse or compare these solutions (that could be the subject of another article), but to see how to make the most of them….