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Ariana Wolf is a paid search strategist at 90octane, a conversion-driven agency that transforms the marketing strategies of major B2B companies, B2C brands and international nonprofits. After entering the world of search marketing four years ago, she discovered her inner data nerd and has never looked back. Ariana has worked on everything from local directory search for small businesses to paid search and social PPC for enterprise-level clients in the travel, tourism and nonprofit verticals. She dreams in 70 characters or less.

PPC for Consideration, Part 3 of the Top-to-Bottom Strategy Series

Over the past couple of months, I’ve discussed paid search strategy for reaching prospects at the beginning and middle of the buyer’s journey. Now we’re to the really fun part: conversion, or the purchase phase.

new-funnel-for-blog_0 Image credit: Forrester Research Blog

Here are a few tips for using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach prospects at the bottom of the funnel and entice them to convert….

PPC for Consideration, Part 2 of the Top-to-Bottom Strategy Series

Last month, I shared how marketers can use paid search to reach prospects in the awareness phase of the buyer’s journey, also known the top of the marketing funnel. Now we’re going to dive into the middle of the funnel: the consideration phase.

ppc-top-to-bottom  Image credit: Forrester Research Blog…

PPC for Awareness, Part 1 of the Top-to-Bottom Strategy Series

As digital marketers, we have a wealth of data at our disposal, affording us the ability to measure our successes and failures in real-time. With the ability to measure, track and chart our performance, though, comes a tendency to hone in on the things that can be measured, tracked and charted. That can lead to a tunnel-vision focus on conversion. While conversion is typically the end goal of a digital marketing program, it can be easy to forget that it is the end goal. Even in conversion-driven tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it’s important to reach consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey, starting long before conversion.

Your prospects’ journey to conversion probably looks something like this: