It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to use the Acquisio
search marketing platform.

It did, however,
take one to design it.

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The Fastest Optimization Algorithm on the Market

  • BBM predicts and adjusts bids every 30 mins for more accurate bidding.
  • Delivers more clicks and conversions at a lower cost.
  • Allows you to stay in the auction all day, spending the budget throughout the full day and entire month.
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Scalable Campaign Management and Reporting

  • Easy to use, all in one dashboard with KPI tracking.
  • Scheduled whitelabel reports, to save your team hours of work.
  • Bulk edit and campaign cloning functionality to make campaign changes at scale.
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Programmatic Display Solutions

  • Profit from the expertise of the Acquisio Trading Desk team.
  • Access a global inventory beyond just the Google Display Network.
  • Run Optimized Mobile, Native, Video, Retargeting Solutions and more.
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Welcome To The Digital And Programmatic Marketing Universe.

Navigate faster, smarter and better with the Acquisio platform.

With the fastest optimization algorithm on the market, highly scalable campaign management and reporting, and leading programmatic display solutions, Acquisio gives you the ability to do more and see better results without working any harder.

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